How to bulk rename all my photos at once with Adobe Bridge?

If you are passionate about photography or are completely dedicated to this activity, you surely take millions of photos every day. Renaming all your photos in bulk with Adobe Bridge can go a long way for prevent your favorite images from being lost in a flood of files.

Today more than ever, many photographs are taken every day. Most of the devices have digital cameras, which allow any user to capture as many pictures as he wants.

This can cause problems when searching for a specific one if they all have a generic name. The easiest way to locate them is to assign them more specific names . But don't worry, thanks to Adobe Bridge you don't have to perform this action one by one.

It represents one of the best alternatives to Adobe Photoshop to edit images and the best thing is that it is included in the same Adobe package. It's easier to use than the Adobe Photoshop toolbar, thanks to its great interface.

      Why massively rename all your photos at once with Adobe Bridge?

      Photos are saved with a generic name by default. In most cases, these names consist of a sequence of numbers and letters which doesn't say much about the image at first glance.

      Although it is true that they have an important meaning when you learn to read them. Every brand has its own rules when it comes to naming photographs. An example of these is as follows: _MG means the image was captured in the Adobe RGB 1998 color space . However, if the image name begins with IMG, this photo was captured in the sRGB color space.

      However, if the image name is based on numbers only, it is a sequence that will repeat when the camera counter reaches its limit.

      The latter is the easiest to have duplicate names inside your files. Because, upon reaching a certain number, the camera will start naming images again from scratch.

      While they have different meanings, they aren't very helpful in identifying a photo, what it is, or when it was taken. For this reason it is quite useful massively rename all your photos at once con Adobe Bridge.

      Rename all your photos in bulk at once with Adobe Bridge

      Like creating a distortion or transformation effect on an object in Adobe Illustrator, it's one of its most popular tools. The same goes for Adobe Bridge and bulk renaming of photos.

      One of the best tips when organizing the files of photo is to create your own method. The one that best suits you and with which you feel most comfortable.

      When you batch rename all your photos at once with Adobe Bridge, create a unique name for each batch of images. That only by reading it you can find its location within the files. This allows you to add more as needed, this is a constant name. And finally, it should be easy to read and understand at a glance.


      The first thing you should do is locate yourself in the content panel and select all files by pressing "Ctrl + A" . Then go to the "Tools" menu and select the "Batch Rename" option.

      After performing this action, a dialog box will appear, where you need to choose the destination folder of the files you plan to edit. You can likewise skip this step and rename the photos directly in the folder they are in.

      Then locate the section "New file names". There you can choose from the ten combinations provided by the application. Similarly, you can also choose a name created by you.

      With the preview option you can see how this name will look in the file folder and if it doesn't convince you, you can continue to configure it.

      Finally, all you have to do is press the button " Rhinomine ” located at the top of the window. And voila, you see that massively renaming all your photos at once with Adobe Bridge is very simple.

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