How to bypass and disable automatic driver updates in Windows 10

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We are in the 21st century and there technology has advanced at a breakneck pace . Computer programs, gaming applications, messaging applications, audio and video calls, and social networks are just a few examples of technological progress. In this article, we will talk about how to disable automatic driver updates in Windows 10, but maybe also disable all Windows 10 updates forever; If so, be sure to watch this step by step.

How to bypass and disable automatic driver updates in Windows 10

These programs constantly receive updates that improve their performance, even if some think it is better to continue using an older version because it is more useful or because it is less heavy than the updated version.

An example of this can be found in Windows 10 version ; Here you can hear how the program is constantly updating the system, including the drivers, which was somewhat annoying for some, as they think they handled it better before the update.

How can we avoid and disable these automatic driver updates in Windows 10? Find out with us how to do it, we will explain it to you in a simple way below.

    Drivers, why are they updated?

    It must be recognized that drivers or controllers play a major role in the optimal development of a computer system. Keeping them updated can also prevent us from suffering permanent and serious damage to our system, caused by viruses that constantly travel across the web.

    Likewise they act as mediators in the communication between the hardware and the peripherals anchored to the computer with the operating system.

    By updating them we could be sure that every circulating element is recognized by these controllers and works optimally.

    We certainly wish we had control over when to run this option, but Windows 10 does it automatically. Know how avoid and disable these updates it will save you unnecessary hassle and headache. If you have a printer, it also uses a drive that has nothing to do with Windows 10, if you want to prevent it from downloading updates, check out this article where we fix them with an example.

    What to do to stop these driver updates?

    We might therefore think that updating your drivers isn't bad, but sometimes what should be an improvement in your equipment turns out it wasn't.

    To avoid updates you must go to the " Panel control” and navigate to “Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers”. Being here you will see your team's devices, look for the image that is in the shape of a computer and right click on it.

    When the options appear, press " Device installation configuration ". In the window that appears you will see this question: "Do you want to automatically download the manufacturer's custom apps and icons available for your device?"

    We already know the answer: No. In this way we stop the automatic driver updates for Windows 10 peripherals. Sometimes our PC suddenly becomes slow, and it is because it has launched an update, if you have noticed it, you should learn to stop or pause it , for this inconvenience we have written a quick guide.

    Can I disable automatic driver updates?

    Of course yes. To do this, open File Explorer, right click on it where it says "This Computer" and you will have some options displayed where you need to click "Manage". A section will open that includes everything related to PC components, system tools and various advanced services.

    Go up "System Tools" located in the left column and click on Device Manager. This will display a list of devices and hardware connected to your computer in different categories.

    In that area you will find those drivers that need to be updated or have problems identified by a yellow color, which serves to remind us of the malfunction they have.

    Right clicking on any of them will give you the option to search for the new driver and update it. If not, you uninstall it and Windows will try to install it from scratch when you plug it in. Some updates have a considerable weight, so if you want to know how much a Windows 10 update weighs, you can look at this article we have made for you.

    The fact that we can prevent and disable automatic updates for drivers in Windows 10 can be beneficial. Having control over them will ensure that we keep the most useful driver for us on our computer. We hope we were able to help you with this simple information. We would really like to know your opinion if it was useful for you, so please leave us your comment.

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