How to carve pumpkins in Minecraft to make Halloween decorations

One of the great advantages of Minecraft is that we can decorate our world according to the different holidays that exist. Such is the case with the scariest day of the year: Halloween.

If witches, zombies, spiders and skeletons weren't enough to set the date, then we'll show you how to carve pumpkins in minecraft to make halloween decorations . Then we'll show you other things you can do with these fun decorations.

How to carve pumpkins in Minecraft to make Halloween decorations

      How to carve pumpkins in Minecraft to make Halloween decorations

      Carving pumpkins in Minecraft is really easy. To carry out this process, you will first need to obtain the following tools and materials:

      • Pair of scissors.
      • Pumpkins.

      To make the cutting tool you will need of two iron ingots . Go to your crafting table and place them diagonally, one after the other. As for pumpkins, we advise you to learn how to make a vegetable garden to be able to grow them.

      However, you can also get pumpkins in a village near your Minecraft home. This way you can bring the seeds to your garden.

      Now that you have everything you need, it's time to carve the pumpkin. To do this, place the fruit in the place you want. Therefore, with scissors in hand, click on it and voila , you will have a carved pumpkin with a terrifying face; Ideal for decorating your spaces. So easy that you can make a Halloween decoration in Minecraft.

      It should be noted that you cannot place this item without a support block, but after placing it you can remove said block. Also, when you place the carved pumpkin in a spot, its face will always point in the player's direction.

      Things you can do with carved pumpkins in Minecraft

      Minecraft is a very complex game. Over the years it has grown in development and has reached a point where the more you work on a material, the more things you can do with it . This is the case with carved pumpkins. Now we're going to show you two cool things you can make with these fun crafts.


      Would you like to make your carved pumpkin even scarier? You can make it glow in the dark by turning it into a Jack-o'-lantern. To do this, break the item and take it with you. Then go to your crafting table and place it on the central square. Then place a flashlight under it. The result will be a carved spooky pumpkin whose face shines in the dark .

      snow and iron golem

      Whoever said carved pumpkins were just for decoration was dead wrong. These items play a major role in summoning golems, creatures that they can help you when fighting mobs . There are two versions of these entities: iron golem and snow golem. The former is stronger than the latter, but more difficult to do.

      To create an iron golem you will need 4 iron blocks (yes, blocks, not ingots) and of course one carved pumpkin . Arrange all the iron blocks in a T shape. Finally, place the carved pumpkin on the central block.

      A short time later, you will see how this structure transforms into an imposing one iron golem . You can tie a rope to him so he follows you or let him loose and see what he does. We said it was the hardest to make because it takes a lot of iron to make 4 blocks.

      On the other hand, if you don't have that amount of material yet but still want a battle partner, you can create a snow golem. For this, you will need of 2 snow blocks and, again, a carved pumpkin.

      Arrange the snow in the shape of a column and finally place the pumpkin as a head. Thus, he will turn into a living snowman. This will help you fight mobs by throwing snowballs at them. Also, as he walks, he will leave a trail of snow that you can use to collect "ammunition" .

      Now, some tips.

      • 1) If you summon both golems, don't keep them too close to each other as they may start attacking each other.
      • 2) Don't let the snow golem go to desert, jungle, plateau or savannah, as it will take damage. Also, don't let it get near water or it will melt . We hope you get the most out of pumpkin carving in Minecraft with these tips.
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