How to change and configure DNS on iOS and Android? - Fast and easy

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Since the inception of the Internet interconnections, it has never been thought that, just by clicking on your mobile phone, you could connect to any place in the world in a matter of seconds.

But although it seems simple, this hides a great complexity for its perfect functioning. In the following tutorial we explain to you how to change and configure DNS on iOS and Android? Easy and fast.

How to change and configure DNS on iOS and Android? - Fast and easy

But before starting with this article we should first know what a DNS is, this is the English acronym the Domain Name System. And through it you can know what is the IP address of a certain domain. So in this way we can find any site that we write in the search engine.

On this occasion we will know how to change and configure DNS in iOS and Android? Easy and fast . But it is convenient that you at least learn how to switch and configure DNS in Windows MacOS and Linux. If you are interested to know how this is done on these devices.

      How to change and configure DNS on iOS and Android?

      So, for a web search to be possible, there must be a synchronization between three important aspects which are: The DNS Client, this is installed on our devices and with which it makes the request. Then there is the DNS Server, which has the task of responding to the request and finally there is the Authority Zone where the domains are located (.net, .es, .com, etc.).

      This synchronization must be performed in an extremely fast time, we are talking about milliseconds. And the faster this process occurs, the faster it will offer us the page or site we are looking for. So if we have a Fast DNS , you already know what it would imply and that is why we can change it via applications or manually.

      There are popular or known DNS, of which we can highlight Google and, Alternative DNS and - Cloudflare and - OpenDNS Home and

      While it may not seem like it to you, edit and configure your DNS at iOS and Android it's a simple task and then we'll tell you what you should do. We will first of all start with the Android devices and for that we will go to the Settings section. In this window we click on the Networks and Internet option, then we will go to WiFi.

      Now in this section we will look for the name of the network used by our mobile and hold it until the menu appears. In it we will select the Modify network option, this action will generate more options to display and we select Advanced options. So we will choose in IP Settings the Static option .

      The next thing will be to enter the Google DNS number, we will do this as an example, you can use whatever you want most. So in the DNS 1 field we will put and in DNS 2 we will write and then click on the Save button. And that's it, in a very simple way we changed and configured DNS in Android.

      How to change and configure DNS in iOS?

      Now we have to make the change and configuration on the devices that work with the iOS system and we will use the Google DNS again. Remember that you can use whatever you want from the list we have provided or you can find another one. To start this operation we will go to Settings, then in this window we will select WiFi.

      Here we will see the network with which we connect from our phone and we will see an "i" next to it, we must click on it. Then we will select the option Configure DNS , here in this section we will change the automatic mode, for the manual mode. Next we will select Add Server and write the codes.

      In the primary DNS we place, select again Add server and now we write in the secondary DNS and finally we will click on the Save Changes option. And voila, we're also done setting up DNS on the iOS devices. And so we conclude this tutorial that I teach you How to change and configure DNS in iOS and Android?

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