How to change and configure the keyboard of my Mac PC step by step

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In this article we will see how we can configure our keyboard if it is misconfigured , having an approach for both Mac computers and any other type of computer. On the one hand we have the Mac computers developed by Apple, being one of the most equipment modern and efficient that you find today .

These have functions such as automatic login and grouping of files on the desktop, which facilitate the daily life of its users. In turn, there is a large percentage of the population that use other types of computers , mainly using Windows as the operating system. Both types of computers have something in common and that is that you may have problems with keyboards.

Regardless of which one you're using, at some point the our keyboard will have a fault or an incorrect configuration which will undoubtedly make it difficult to use. For this, we will show you how to solve the most common problems that a keyboard can present and configure it.

    It is relatively common for our keyboard to lose its configuration at any moment, making us unable to continue using it . But what's causing it? Next, we will look at some of the reasons why our keyboard loses its configuration.

    • The first cause that exists for this problem could be linked to the physical state of the keyboard , as they tend to collect dust and other debris over time, which could cause the keys to fail and deconfigure the keyboard.
    • Another reason this happens is that we have a keyboard type that isn't. When we go to the configurations of our Mac equipment, we have to review the types of keyboards they have and if it's the solution we just have to save,
    • Finally, another reason why our keyboard is configured incorrectly is due to the malware that is making unexpected changes to our computer . This is usually not the most common cause, but some versions of malware can.

    Some of this misconfiguration can occur in the keyboard language, so we need to know how adjust the language we want . Next, we will leave you how to do this in two of the most popular operating systems, Windows and MacOS.

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    Using Windows, the steps we need to follow are very simple, then we don't have to be computer savvy . We need to log into Windows startup and do the following:

    • Enter 'configuration' where we will find 'Time and language' by entering this space and selecting 'Language'.
    • Once we are in "Language", what we need to do is find what we want as the principal of our Windows team. After have it selezionato , we will have it available in all our configurations and programs .

    For all keyboards there are functional configurations, the most popular configuration è the qwerty . It was designed in 1868, taking its name from the first six letters found on the top row of the keyboard.

    This is the most common, but we have others that may serve us even better than the Qwerty, so we'll teach you how change the configuration of your keyboard , both on a computer and on a notebook.

    Generally, whether it's a notebook or any other mobile device, the steps to follow are the same. With that, the following procedure can be applied on any mobile operating system .

    • We proceed to press in a space where we can write, in order to show our on-screen keyboard.
    • Once positioned on the keyboard, we will be able to notice a 'settings' icon near the space bar in which we must enter.
    • From here we can make any changes related to the keyboard , one of them is the configuration it has.

    When running this process from our computer, the process must come from our keyboard hardware, as many of those available on the market come with a Qwerty configuration. The possible solutions to a keyboard with a Qwerty configuration are tedious, it is better buy a new keyboard rather than spend hours and hours of work .

    There are a number of problems with that can occur when we want to configure our keyboard , there are a large number of these errors, which may take a long time to mention. For this, we will take some of the most common and provide their solution.

    If while writing we are unable to put accents and some secondary keys are activated, it is very likely that our keyboard is badly configured. The solution to this problem is press Alt and Shift or Ctrl and Shift .

    It may be that our keyboard starts to fail like keys not typing or none, but fortunately the solution in MAC equipment is simple. The only thing we need is disconnect the keyboard and if possible connect it to another USB port , this would be the first step and where many keyboards work correctly again.

    These special characters are used to facilitate some actions on the keyboard, however, there are times when we cannot use them because they are useless. To have them available again, we have to press the shift key five times in a row , special characters appear after doing so.

    The keyboard is one of the most important parts of a computer. Whether it's a laptop or a desktop, the keyboard does great things on a machine. Not only do you get continuous text entry thanks to the keyboard, keyboard users can move data into the applications they work through on the system.

    With a set of certain keyboard letters, a user can achieve a lot on the computer. If you learn to handle the keyboard completely, you can work with the machine without much need to use the mouse . As these computers have a number of functions that can only be achieved with the letters on the keyboard.

    In case the keyboard has faults and it is necessary to configure it, it is possible to realize it. Generally, it is very easy to obtain the quick settings for some keyboard failures , however, on Mac the process is perhaps a little more tedious but nothing that cannot be achieved by following a series of steps.

    Main steps to configure the keyboard

    The Windows system works in a completely opposite way to that of the Apple brand to which Macs belong, although they also have different operating systems like Windows. For keyboard setup, the best thing a computer user or administrator can do with their Mac PC is to configure it during installation. Otherwise the configuration can be corrected.

    The first thing to do is to go to the called section "system preferences" . You can access it in the menu in the left corner of the main screen. This menu is at the top. When logging in, the user will find a pop-up screen with many icons, they will need to access the keyboard.

    Being located in that section, you can configure what you really need for repair the keyboard, which will be according to the particular computer failure. A series of options will appear on the screen that will allow you to adjust the speed of the pop-up characters, the user can choose which keys can be active and make combinations of letters according to their preferences.

    Final steps to configure the keyboard

    You can choose from many configuration options, for example you can change the keyboard configuration to Spanish. If the user does not need to change the settings or what certain letters mark, nor their combinations, then they may try to change the shortcuts.

    When you are in that section, you can use the keyboard shortcuts of Mac . This is another class of combinations that exist in the machine that allow the user to use applications without having to touch the computer mouse or laptop sensor. In this case, simply by touching a button you can open a certain window, among others.

    Le settings can also occur for lines of text . In such cases, you can change the configuration of the position of quotation marks, question marks, periods, capital letters, among others. The input sources, in this place the user can change the language used on the computer.

    Finally, among the Mac keyboard configuration options, the dictation option . This is responsible for listening to the machine user through a microphone, thanks to it, the user does not have the absolute need to use the keyboard as the microphone will help him write.

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