How to change and configure the use of mouse buttons in Windows 10

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In today's article we will see how to change and configure the use of mouse buttons in Windows 10 with this simple but detailed tutorial where you will learn everything you need to customize your mouse settings.

The mouse in Windows 10 performs many functions that make our life much easier. Using a computer without a mouse is not the same as using it. Without a doubt, it can be much more uncomfortable than we imagine.

How to change and configure the use of mouse buttons in Windows 10

The mouse in Windows can be configured in many ways to make it as comfortable as possible and has a large number of features and tricks for doing many things, especially if your mouse has more buttons than the standard.

For this reason, we will see below, a simple tutorial so that you can learn how enter the mouse configuration of your PC in Windows 10 and configure all the options related to it in the way that suits you best. So that in this way you can control your operating system without problems and in an agile way, especially for those like us who spend many hours in front of the PC.

How to change mouse button settings in Windows 10

Mice are configured specifically in all versions of Windows 10. But you may be left handed or just want to use another setup depending on what type of mouse you have. To achieve this we will have to change the configuration following the steps that we will leave you below:

  • Click on " Start "or on the key" Windows "on the keyboard.
  • Next, you will need to click on the gear icon located on the left side of the menu.
  • On this new screen, click " devices ".
  • Among the available options you will have to go to the one that says " Mouse and touch panel ".
  • Now you will need to choose your mouse settings. The default main button is the left one. Here you will have the option to change it and put it back if that's what you want.
  • One of the coolest options is to configure how the mouse wheel will work. What options do we have? We can choose which action will be performed when we rotate it or when we press it as if it were a button.
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Change mouse settings in Windows 10

Another option that can be configured is Windows content scrolling which is inactive and will be activated once you hover over it. This feature can be turned on or off according to your taste.

Finally we can enter " Additional mouse options "where, as the title says, we will have access to additional functions of the mouse and also to customize it: pointers, speed of movement, cosmetic changes, remove the mouse. double click and various functions etc.

Remember that if you have a gaming mouse with multiple buttons, it's best to download the brand's software to configure these buttons to your liking. There are many mice designed for gamers, but which can be configured to fulfill certain functions in the operating system.

For this it is essential to have the software of the company that made the mouse. It's something you can find through Google quickly and it will definitely help you have more configuration options when you use the mouse to your liking.

Remember that if you still have questions about how to customize the use of mouse buttons in windows 10 you can leave it a little below and we will be happy to help you.

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