How to change and customize the Windows 10 Libraries folder icon

The constant development of operating systems is an issue that has really gained importance in recent years. And it is that without them we would not be able to do many things on our computers, they are basically that code that allows the total functioning of the equipment.

Although obviously the priorities have changed compared to the first systems. For example, early IBM systems only cared data processing provided by users, while Windows 10 prioritizes the view that the user perceives.

In general, the Windows operating system has been one of the most talked about and today its most recent version, Windows 10, is installed on most computers. This is because this operating system has very comprehensive updates and tools .

Normally one of the things you like the most about this version is the fact that you can customize different functions. For example, change the color of the cursor, the library folder icon , then we will detail how to customize this option.

How to change and customize library folder icon in Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft, which is one of the most important companies in terms of technology, computing and software. Therefore, it is crucial to talk about Windows 10 when we talk about the best software in the world.

This operating system is the evolution and improvement of a work of several years, since defining it in a simple way, it is the outdated Windows update. But although they are obsolete they are important, as we can consider them the registry of what is currently Windows 10.

We have observed significant changes in this system in the start menu interface , which was previously very simple. Also another relevant novelty is the incorporation of its connection to the Xbox console, which incredibly improves the experience of the players of the said console.

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What is the main difference between Windows 10 and its previous versions?

One of the main features that differentiates the new system from its predecessors is its goal of not just getting stuck in computers; it is also intended to be used in smart devices. In other words, your applications and content are available on both devices.

Which is an ambitious idea on the part of the Microsoft company, even if this is already a common trait on the part of the company. Even for users who use the computer frequently, several programs have been designed that allow screen splitting up to 4 fractions.

What are the types of versions of Windows 10?

One of the most relevant qualities that the Windows 10 operating system has is that it has, so to speak, different configurations that adapt to the use that will be given. For example, the most common version is Windows Home, which is intended for computers for home use.

Already the other types of this system vary a lot. For example, the Windows 10 Enterprise version is aimed at customers who need business performance, so that the license is shared among a large number of computers and facilitates common actions such as blocking applications.

Change and customize the library folder icon

La Libraries folder of Windows 10 is a folder, which can be resized and accessed very frequently by all users. Therefore, for those who like to customize everything Windows interface, the tool "LibraryIconChanger" it will be really useful.

Using this program is very simple, when we download and open it, we will see that in the home screen we can select the library to customize, after selecting it we will click on "Select new icon from file" and select the icons we want to display.

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After accepting, we will see the change of icons in our Windows 10, this is one of the simplest processes there is to do this action. And if you are a user who really likes customization, this tool is sure to be very enjoyable for you.

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