How to change and edit my Instagram account bio information

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Currently Instagram is one of the most popular and used social networks in the world. Offers a fun, dynamic and easy to use platform. The best part is that in addition to uploading photos, users can also add their bio and thus highlight the details they want others to know about you.

How to change and edit my Instagram account bio information

Therefore, it is important to know how to edit this information on Instagram. This way you can add or change what you want and when you want.

Based on this, it should be noted that Instagram is a network designed primarily for uploading photos from a PC or mobile. However, it also lets you edit them or apply different filters. Therefore, without a doubt, this wonderful social network has won the hearts of its users.

For this reason, in this tutorial we will show you how to change and edit your bio information on Instagram by following a few simple steps.

      What is Instagram and what is it for?

      Surely you have heard of this platform on several occasions or probably have an account on it, but you really know how does it work, what is it for or what is Instagram? Based on this, it should be emphasized that it is a social network developed for uploading photos and videos. It also has tools that allow photo editing, through filters, frames, retro colors and much more.

      Likewise, it is important to note that the use of this application it is more common on smartphones; however it can also be opened from the computer, although it can be a little inconvenient to use it from a PC, since it is considered a mobile application.

      Now if you are wondering what is Instagram for? It should be emphasized that there are many advantages that it offers us. Being one of its main features, upload and share photos and videos .

      But the best part is that through the filters, these photographs taken with the phone will remain as a professional image . But that's not all, as everything uploaded to Instagram can be shared on other social networks, such as Facebook.

      Due to the good experiences of this application, most of the users choose to use it. In fact, it has become the favorite of most people, being one of the apps in faster growth in recent times.

      It's important to keep in mind that Instagram has many features, including creating stunning panoramic photos and much more.

      Change and edit bio info on Instagram

      As explained above, this application can be opened via the smartphone or through the computer. And although it is more common to have it installed on your mobile, there are users who, for some reason, prefer to access it from their PC. therefore, we will tell you how edit your bio and information on both computers.

      Edit Instagram bio from mobile

      • Enter the application
      • Click on the avatar , which appears in the lower right corner
      • Your profile will then appear.
      • Click on "Modify profile"
      • Immediately you will see several boxes where you can add, delete or modify any data. Including your name, username (the one that appears when you post or comment on something), email, email, phone number and of course there you can add your information you want in your bio.

      • Finally, confirm that it's ready by ticking the symbol which appears in the upper right. This way your data has already been changed.

      Edit Instagram bio from computer

      • Open Instagram from your browser
      • Once there, click on your profile picture or username
      • Then click "Edit profile"
      • All the information you have saved in it will appear quickly. Edit what you want.
      • Finally, click "Send" and automatically your changes have been saved.

      Finally, we hope that this tutorial has been useful to you, however we would like to know your opinion Were you able to edit the information on your Instagram profile? Do you know of another method to modify this data on Instagram? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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