How to change and recover your Plenty of Fish or POF account password

Plenty of Fish or POF as it is generally known by its acronym in English, is a dating service founded in 2003. It is one of the pioneers in this field, it is even one of the most used alternatives to Tinder, Badoo and other similar services, since this service by filling out a form during account creation allows you to find people with similar tastes. Allow for more precision and focus on long-term relationships.

Currently millions of people log into POF in just a few steps, however some users have had difficulty logging in due to lost passwords. If this is your case, see how it is done, we will help you change and recover your Plenty of Fish or POF account password.

    When there is a problem logging into your POF account, it might be because you entered the i incorrectly data of your session, such as email or password , check it and try again. If the problem persists, try to recover your password via your email.

    To change and recover the password for your Plenty of Fish or POF account, the website has a form where you can request a link to recover the account. Follow the next steps.

    • Go to the main page of the POF.
    • It will appear in the form where you need to enter your email.
    • Press Submit.
    • Now, check your inbox, locate the message sent by POF that says Reset password.
    • Click the link in the email.
    • Update your password by entering it twice, to confirm it in the form.
    • Click the button "Update your password ". Ready! You can continue enjoying your POF account.
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    There are several problems that can arise during the recovering access to your account , however you should keep in mind that some can be fixed and others will take longer:

    • Profile penalty: If this is the case for you, be sure to check your email, as there may be a possibility that you have violated some internal rule, which forces POF to close your account and therefore you no longer have access.
    • Password errata: in this case try to type correctly the password and the login email, as confusing a character or exchanging a lowercase letter with an uppercase one, could prevent you from accessing it; however, if the problem persists, you can recover the password by email.
    • Closed account: probably hai already canceled or deleted your account previously, but you don't remember it and that's why the POF doesn't give you access. In this case, try creating a new account with your email.

    It often happens that when trying to edit and retrieve a account Plenty of Fish O POF, the email with the link to reset the password does not arrive. This happens for several reasons:

    • You have entered an email account that does not belong to any particular account. Try another email you have.
    • L'account in Plenty of fish was deleted for not respecting the rules established by this community, or for not verifying the phone number.
    • Mail has arrived, but your email service has placed it in your spam folder, so we recommend that you check your spam folder.
    • Finally, it is possible that you have deleted or deregistered your POF / Plenty of Fish account and do not remember it.
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    Some useful tips to avoid losing your POF account.

    Some find it very tiring to carry out the process recovering an account in POF , as it takes time and the loss of an account means that you may no longer be able to access this service. So, here are some helpful tips for securing your POF account:

    • Try to memorize your password or use a password manager
    • Always keep your email active, because if you lose it you will not be able to recover your POF account
    • In order not to risk someone else changing your password, do not tell anyone!
    • Periodically change your password to a new one, this is very useful for maintaining the security of your account, as well as helping you to refresh your memory from time to time.
    • Verify your Plenty of Fish or POF account with your phone , so that it won't be disabled in this way.
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