How to change my phone number linked to an Outlook account

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No matter how long it has been since the launch of Outlook, this email platform is still one of the most used in the world . Coming to take second place, since Gmail is in first place.

How to change my phone number linked to an Outlook account

Likewise, it should be borne in mind that this program works through the Windows platform and has been developed by Microsoft company and although it has lost popularity in recent times, it continues to offer a quality service to its users.

One of the functions that this useful tool allows is to be able to make different changes, such as the name, profile picture, email and, obviously , the telephone number . And the best part is that it's a quick and easy process to do, which won't take much time. Related to this article, you may also be interested in How to change the language of my Outlook/Hotmail email from English to Spanish.

      Create an account in Outlook

      Outlook is a free service from the Microsoft company, which until recently was known as Hotmail. This platform offers users great benefits, features and tools for send and receive messages or files. However, some users don't have this program.

      Therefore, first of all, the main thing is to have an account in Outlook. Then you have to follow the instructions below, so that the process is easy and fast :

      • Access the main Outlook page, this can be done from your favorite browser.
      • Look for the option " Create a Microsoft account "
      • Subsequently, a window will appear asking you for some information, starting with the name you want to assign to your new account.

      • Then the system will tell you what data to enter. It is recommended to enter real information.
      • It is equally important add an alternate email , which will be useful in case you forget your password. You also need to add your phone number, with which you can receive a verification code, and it will also be a good option if you forget your key.
      • Finally, you have to click Next and accept the terms.
      • This way your Hotmail account will be ready and you can change any data whenever you want. Bearing in mind that it is a simple platform to use and does not involve difficulties in making changes.

      Change my phone number linked to an Outlook account

      Once you have an account in Outlook, the process of changing your phone number is really simple.

      • The first thing you need to do is access your account Outlook
      • Next, you need to locate where your profile picture is and look for the option "Edit profile" .
      • So, let's go up and select where it says "Contact info"

      • Once there, you'll be able to see all the data you've entered. Select "add a phone number" and enter the new one.
      • Mark the option you want to send the confirmation code to, by text or call.
      • Then click "Send" .
      • Enter the verification code, which should match the number you added.
      • Finally, click the trash can icon , located next to your old phone number. This will remove it and you will have already changed your number.

      Hotmail vs Outlook

      On the other hand, there is a lot of confusion between Hotmail and Outlook as many users believe that they are two different services. For this reason, it is important to clarify that they are exactly the same What . Its difference is that the first brand assigned to this platform was Hotmail, however, over time its name was changed to Outlook.

      Similarly, it is currently not possible to create mail messages with the name Hotmail , but existing ones can be opened normally using Outlook. Note that you can also change your Outlook email address.

      Finally, we hope you found this tutorial helpful, however, we'd love to hear from you news. Were you able to change your phone number in Outlook? Do you think Outlook offers a good service? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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