How to change my Windows PC or Mac public and private IP with or without programs

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You may want to change your Windows computer's IP or Mac address for various reasons. Such reasons can be because you have been blocked and disconnected from a Wi-Fi network or because you are having trouble connecting to a Wi-Fi zone, as happens with some Android devices.

But maybe you don't know how to do it because it's a bit complicated. But don't worry, because here we explain how change the IP address of your Windows PC. However, first let's talk about public IP addresses and private IP addresses.

How to change my Windows PC or Mac public and private IP with or without programs

      Differences between public and private IP addresses

      It is very important to know the differences between these two IP addresses, as they are not the same. Public IP addresses are those that are recognized by the outside of the PC, IP addresses are mainly used for internet connections .

      However, private IP addresses they are the ones that differentiate each computer from one another. Those IP addresses are what differentiates each device connected to the same network.

      Simply put, all devices connected to the same network have it same public IP address . But each of the devices has different private IP addresses, what you can do is infinite ping to the public IP.

      How to change your IP address in Windows 10?

      In Windows 10 it is extremely easy to change the IP address of the computer. You'll just have to search to run the search in the computer settings . To get started, go to the "Settings" panel.

      Now select the "Wifi" section and several options will appear on the right. Select the first one there, titled " Change adapter options ". Enter those settings and right-click on the network you are currently connected to.

      (In case you don't see any wireless networks, it could be due to a wireless functionality problem in windows , in that case see the article to know how to fix wireless functionality error in Windows 7, 8 and 10 )

      Once you do that, a window will appear where you can see different options. One of these options is " Ottieni automatically an IP indirizzo " and there's another one called "Use the following IP address".

      There you can select one of two options, the one that will save you time will be the first option. In short, after selecting one of the two, all you have to do is select the "Accept" option that appears at the bottom of the window you are in.

      This is the best way to change IPs without the need for an app. However, this process is supported solo per Windows 10 because it is the only edition of Windows in which it is extremely easy to change the IP .

      Now if you want change the IP of a PC who has Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, you will have to take into account these indications that we will dictate shortly. Such a change in these systems is a bit more tedious but it can be done.

      How to change private IP address in Windows 7?

      To get started, go to the control panel and click on the "Network and Internet" option. When you press it, a window will open. In the new window press the option called " network and sharing center ". Then go to the option titled "Change adapter settings".

      Then, the local network connection will appear, proceed to select the network card you want to make changes to. Press the right mouse button and select "status". There you will select the properties option.

      And you will go looking for the " Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) " and we will select the properties of that protocol. Finally, you can choose whether to enter an IP manually or to select one automatically, which will be assigned by Windows.

      If you have problems connecting to a Wifi network, you can solve the problem of no connectivity without access to the Internet, thus connecting without problems.

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