How to change Netflix language from English to Spanish on my Android phone or iPhone

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Netflix it offers entertainment and fun since with it we can enjoy millions of movies and series online, obviously in the best quality, so it is no surprise that it is one of the most used platforms. Netflix may initially have everything in English; but here we will teach you how to change Netflix language from English to Spanish.

How to change Netflix language from English to Spanish on my Android phone or iPhone

After you finish reading this article, you will know how to change the language in Netflix, so you can download all the content you want to watch it even without internet and in the language you prefer, in this case Spanish.

      Change the language from Android or iPhone

      The steps to follow are from your mobile device, open the app Netflix once there

        Change the Netflix language in subtitles

        Netflix it will show only five or seven major languages ​​first. Only the two most relevant languages ​​of the downloaded titles will be displayed.

          Why don't you see subtitles in the language you have selected?

          It may happen that subtitles are not available in that language in the series or film you are currently playing. When a language is very new, it will not be available at the moment, you may have to wait a while to enjoy the content.

          Although this error is rare, because in the case of Spanish, it is a language that is found on the platform such as main .

          Another dilemma that can arise is who your mobile app is obsolete or that the cell phone is very outdated. If you have a device manufactured before 2014, there are languages ​​that do not include the subtitles that these devices display.

          Change the Netflix language for all content

          If you want to change the language in subtitles or audio in general in one specific Netflix content. You can also put the language of your choice for your subtitles, we explained this in more detail in a review we did recently. But this case we solve here, you need to do the following:

            If instead what you want is to change the language in all content that will be shown in your Netflix account, you must:

              NOTE These changes will apply to all devices that you use with your Netflix account where you have set the default language. In some countries Netflix is ​​doing better than in other places, we have made a list of these countries, find out if yours is there and get the most out of your connection.

              It's that simple with these few steps you can change the audio or subtitle language in your favorite series or movies , with this change you can also navigate some Netflix options more comfortable since it will be in an appropriate language to configure some options that you see required on this platform.

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