How to change or enter a new password in Gmail

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Nowadays it is essential to have one email . It helps us for many things, such as registering in an application, having information at hand of our mobile and communicating with people via the Internet, so it is important to keep our password private.

It is better to change it from time to time to protect it and increase its security level. It is for this reason that we will show you this time how to change the password of our gmail quickly and easily. It doesn't matter if you're coming from a computer or a mobile device, as we explain each in detail here.

How to change or enter a new password in Gmail

      How to change or enter a new password in Gmail

      There are several ways to change our password, depending on where we are opening ours gmail , whether it's from the computer or from our smartphone, here we explain each one in detail.

      Change your Gmail password from your PC

      To start, the first thing would be to open our Gmail from the browser , then we go to the top right where we get a gear icon, press it and a window with more options will appear.

      Next, we select the third option where it says "configuration" to take us to the settings, we will get a menu with many options.

      We need to pay attention to the first option bar and go where it says "Accounts and Import" , let's click.

      Within Accounts and Imports, the first option will show us "Change Password" , once clicked, it will take us directly to Google to change our data, in this case our password.

      Google will ask you to verify your data and then enter the new password, this new password must be entered twice and then click on "Change Password" it's done. Remember to enter a place that is easy to remember and safe, in the same way you can recover your Gmail account in case you have forgotten it.

      Change your Gmail password from your mobile

      Just as we can change our password from the browser, we can also do it from our mobile device with the Gmail application, for this the first thing we have to do is open the application .

      So we have to open the options menu , we must click on the upper left part of the screen where three lines appear or we can also drag our finger from the left of the screen to the center.

      When it's open, we'll drag the menu down to reach the last options, where the tab is "Settings" . Click on this option.

      We will get the Gmail emails affiliated with our mobile, click on the email address whose password we want to change, this will show us another window and select the option "accounts" , to be able to manage our Google account.

      It will direct us directly to the Google application and we must select the option "Personal informations" which appears under our name and email.

      Within the "Personal information", our image, name, date of birth, our gender and finally the "Password" and we press it.

      It will tell us that we must first verify that we are the owner of the account, then it will ask us for our current password, we enter it and finally it will give us the option to enter our new password , which we need to confirm.

      To finish, click on "Change Password" and the game it's done! On your mobile, you can also add another Gmail account so that you have two emails from your Android and iOS.

      Password change recommendations

      Constantly change your password Helps prevent password theft . If you've lost your device or left your email open on a friend's PC, change your password and make sure no one accesses your account.

      When your password is changed, it's common to forget it for the first few days, so it's best to write it down in case you forget it.

      Enter a password other than the common ones , you can add symbols or numbers and letters. Don't enter passwords like your name or phone number, they're usually easy to guess.

      Finally, we hope this article has been helpful. However, we would like to know, you think it is often difficult to change gmail password? Do you know of another way to change it? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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