How to change or hide my birth date on Facebook step by step

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Nowadays, proper use of the Internet and the tech it can make you more or less sociable depending on how much content you upload or how many people you talk to.

This is what social networks have done for us, as they help us socialize with others, but we can get a little weird if we don't upload appropriate or regular content in the eyes of some people.

But, for some more mature people, the use of social networks it is not about a popularity contest, but about enjoying the content of others and yours through friends and family.

Using social networks should be an enjoyable experience for everyone, as any kind of experience we live on a daily basis should bring us nothing but joy.

Although it is not good to disconnect from the reality that surrounds us through the social media of the moment to the point of transforming them into an "echo chamber", it is always good to have both feet on the ground.

This is what most people do on social networks, to feel more comfortable with their environment and with themselves, as well as with what they see on the Internet.

However, there are times when our social networks need to be something more private , or for the people we have inside them or because we want to be more reserved.

Fortunately, they provide the tools to make this a reality, like with Facebook and everything we upload to it. This is why we're going to talk a little bit about how you can hide your date of birth on this social network if you need it.

The date of your birthday on Facebook

When we have the opportunity to join Facebook, we realize everything we can do about it, as we can see all kinds of content, follow different pages, and make friends with almost anyone.

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This is what will ultimately make up our timeline or Facebook wall, although it also turns out to be a social network a bit. gossip. This occurs when we can see absolutely everything about a person's life there if that person is very active.

We can see this in the states you upload, in the photos you post from your travels, and we can also see all kinds of personal data such as phone numbers, work experience or past relationships, as long as these people have a public profile.

Now, if what you want is to be a little more private with this type of information, you can easily hide the date of your birth, even if it lets others know when your birthday is, but by doing this you turn off said notification of theirs. account so that they no longer know information about you. All you have to do is enter yours Profile and then yours personal data, and next to your date of birth you will see the icon area of privacy, then click on it.

Once that is done, you will see several options to choose from, which would only leave you with the opportunity to put that on only you can see that information, which will make it invisible to others.

Hide other information on Facebook

Although Facebook can disclose all types of personal information, you can control them through the same privacy button.

We can see it in the content that we upload, in the comments, all our personal and non-personal information, to the point of being able to check if those who see all this are friends, anyone or simply nobody but you.

Therefore, take the opportunity to manage your information and yours content according to your tastes and if you want to avoid family or friends who become a nuisance with your data or content.

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