How to change or RETRIEVE the PASSWORD in Windows 10 (example) - See how it's done

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It may be that after you have finally configured your computer with the Windows 10 operating system, you want to change the Password ; perhaps because you don't like what you have already placed and you want to change it to a more complex one that you can remember over time; you can also restrict other people's access to your pc.

How to change or RETRIEVE the PASSWORD in Windows 10

What are you going to do now? Don't worry, don't worry, because here we will explain how you can change or recover password in Windows 10 .

We have already said that at least two situations can occur; The first is that you know what your password is but you want to change it because you want to add a more complex one or you just didn't like it, but you don't know how to do it.

For some people having a password can be annoying, so they try to have their pc without a password and that it starts directly on the desktop once it is turned on, for them we also teach you in our blog, how to log in automatically in Windows 10 without password.

    Change password in Windows 10 if you know what your password is

    In good time, this step is very simple, you just need to perform the following steps: Press the button Start , then go to option Settings , enter Account and within that option select Access options ; then in the option Password , select the button Modification and follow the steps that the system throws at you and voila, there you will have your new password. A trick that Windows 10 pulled out some time ago, the one that allows you to hide the "show password" button, if you are interested in doing it on your computer, you can check out this article.

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    Change your password in Windows 10 if you have completely forgotten the password

    In this step the procedure is a bit more complicated, because it depends on whether your account is local or is an account with an administrator profile; And it will also depend on the type of Windows 10 version you have installed on your computer; for example, there are several versions, just to name a few, we have the Home, Pro, Enterprise, Education, Mobile, S version, among others.

    In this case, some versions when entering the password also require you to put some security questions; and this is a first resource that we will use, because by answering the security questions correctly, it will give you the possibility to log in again and there you will enter a new password ; This option will work for you if you have an account as an administrator.

    If your account is not configured with the administrator profile , but it is connected to a network, it will depend a lot on the permissions you will be able to access in this case; by inserting the wrong password, it will give you the option to log in for reset your password ; but if you don't have this option, you should contact the admin.

    Change password in previous versions

    You will identify these old versions because they do not ask for security questions when creating the password and therefore you have to reset it differently; to do this, press and hold the key Shift , while simultaneously holding down the power button .

    Then press the button restoration , which usually appears in the lower right corner of the screen; You will see the option Choose an option; There you have to choose Troubleshooting , you are almost done with the process, you just need to press Reset this PC and finally the option Remove everything .

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    Ready, you have two options on how modify a recovery the password in Windows 10; but it is very important that you know that with the second option you will definitely lose any information you have previously saved on your PC.

    That is why it is advisable to carry out periodically security backup , to use them when such cases occur. You can also see on our website how to improve performance in Windows 10.

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