How to change or update my Outlook account password - Hotmail

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We all have an email today, for whatever reason. But something very important is its safety. That's why we'll see how to change or update my Outlook-Hotmail account password .

How to change or update my Outlook account password - Hotmail

What you should keep in mind is that Hotmail doesn't actually exist anymore. Some time ago Microsoft decided to merge Hotmail accounts with Outlook accounts and today Microsoft's mail is Outlook.

However, accounts ending with Hotmail still work as usual, so you shouldn't worry about this problem either. However, the web that you need to log in from to manage, edit, or change your email account is now

Returning to the topic of the password, it is essential that it is as secure as possible and above all that you change it often to further improve its security.

Email accounts are used for many things: register on different websites, recover passwords, for all kinds of procedures . In short, today it is essential to have an e-mail account.

But the most important thing is to keep it as secure as possible and the password is the main "line of defense" to prevent third parties from accessing it.

That is why we will see below how to change or update my Hotmail account password . So that you don't have to face problems later.

    Cambia password Outlook

    • Let's change the password by logging in from with our account. For this we will have to enter the data you request such as: username and password.
    • It is not necessary to leave the " Stay signed in ".
    • After that we need to locate the icon with our name and / or profile photo. It is located in the in part top right of the screen . Press on it.
    • You will see that a new menu appears with some options. What interests us is what it says " See account ".
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    How to update the Hotmail password

    • A new page will open where we will have to click on " Change Password ".
    • We will now change the Hotmail password. A security code will be sent to the alternate email.
    • Once confirmed you will have to enter the current password and then you will have to write the new one.

    If you select the " Let me change my password every 72 days ", Microsoft will remind you that you must change your password every 72 days, which is recommended to improve account security.

    As you can see, it is a very simple process change your Outlook password . In a few minutes you will be able to have a new password. The most recommended, as we said before, is to change it often.

    In case you want use a fairly secure password, we recommend that you try to mix a name you know with another made up, symbols and numbers so that in this way the password is as secure as possible and you never have security problems with that account.

    there websites that can generate passwords in quite safe randomly. However, we advise you not to use these types of sites and to create one that is as complicated as possible but that you can remember.

    In such cases, it's best to save the password in a notepad on your computer and Google Drive in case you might forget it sometimes and keep a record of it to avoid complications. You should know that you can also easily change the profile name of your Outlook-Hotmail account.

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