How to change or update my Outlook - Hotmail account password from mobile

Outlook is the application born from what was previously known as Hotmail, or the e-mail account associated with Windows. From this, you can manage multiple accounts, as well as a personal agenda .

This is why it has become a fundamental ally for many users around the world, who manage it both from their computer and from theirs smartphone version .

How to change or update my Outlook - Hotmail account password from mobile

Now imagine having to log into your Outlook-Hotmail account and not to be close to home, where you have installed the application on your computer, with your password duly saved, to access it more easily. Or you just bought a computer and you are about to set up your data. Then, press the corresponding icon and find that you need to enter the password, but you can't remember it!

Calm! It is not needed delete your Outlook account and create a new one. At that moment, take a deep breath, count to ten, and remember you saw this little tutorial on how to change or update your Outlook password, from your mobile , and follow each of the following steps.

      The first thing is to access the Outlook application

      let's begin by logging in as usual, in our mobile app . Once we are on the first screen, click on the button that says "add account", located at the bottom.

      On the next screen, we are asked to enter our email address , which we must remember to fill in. What we will see next are the icons of various mail providers.

      We select the Outlook icon, and we will officially find ourselves on the initial screen of the application, where we will be asked to enter the password corresponding to our profile.

      Forgot your Outlook password

      Just below the space where you have to enter your password, you will find a button that says " forgot password ". That's where you need to press.

      This will take you to a screen where the app will ask you for a authentication code , which you should have obtained when you created your account. If you don't have it, don't worry. On the same screen, you'll find an option that lets you choose a different verification method. If so, click there.

      Options for verifying your Outlook account

      You will see on the screen that you have two options and in some cases three. The least common is getting a new code via an authenticator app.

      The other two ways to get the code are the most common. You should choose the one that is most convenient for you. One of them is to send an email to a recovery account that you previously established when you opened the Outlook accounts .

      If you choose this option, the application will ask you to enter the complete email. Make sure you write the correct address, which must match the incomplete data shown.

      The third option consists sending the code via SMS to number of mobile phone associated with the account . If this is the most viable option for you, you will have to enter the last four digits, again considering that they correspond to the incomplete data they show you.

      code and password

      Once choose how to receive the verification code and completed the required fields, a screen will open in which you will have to enter the numbers that will be provided to you. Once you have completed all these steps, you will have finally reached the screen where you will be allowed to reset or change your password.

      One piece of advice is to choose a phrase that is easy to remember, but don't forget that it must have a certain degree of complication. Add capital letters, special characters and numbers to increase the level of difficulty. Another detail that may interest you about your Outlook account is that you can close open sessions on other devices from the main page.

      Why is it asking me to double check?

      It's possible that when you created your Outlook account, you configured it to prompt two-step verification when the time comes. If so, the platform will first ask you to select a verification option. And once completed, you will see the selection screen again where you have to choose a different option, to receive and enter another code.

      The most common options are your email and mobile phone number. Once both steps are completed, you will be able to enter your new password and start using your Outlook account . How about starting with one change your profile picture ?

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