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Change the delivery date or day of an Amazon order is one of the most performed actions on the web. Online shopping has been very helpful, especially when you can't leave the house.

There are countless causes that lead people to increase online purchases , but one of the most common is obviously due to Covid-19.

The safety of the 'Web' pages to buy 'Online' is called into question, as on certain occasions or in most of the times it is necessary to shop online on certain digital platforms.

Steps to change the scheduled delivery of my order

Change the file or date di . placing an Amazon order is not an impossible process to do, because following a series of steps it can be done without major problems.

To do this you need to access the Amazon page in Spanish, go to the option that says "My orders" and search for the purchase you want to change, then select the "Order Details" option.

Once there, locate the option indicating "Change" , you have to pay attention to be in the location or area of ​​"Shipping option", then locate the calendar, once in it set the delivery date and click "Confirm" and you are done.

Now is the time to wait for the service delivery called 'Amazon Logistic' knock on the door of your home or place of delivery and grant your respective purchase, after which you just have to determine whether in your opinion the service was good or not.

Undoubtedly, the buying process on Amazon is very effective, in the circumstances of global health , the existence of Covid-19 is no secret, which is why the stay at home should be increased.

How to locate the delivery details of my order

The online shopping giant and preferred by many users around the world, it offers you in a simple way of being able to track your order in real time and easily; so that you are calm and sure that your package will be delivered or received without any mishap.

Amazon website: Orders

Conveniently from home, office or anywhere else, Amazon allows you to easily locate your packages from its website that already has this feature. Here we explain the steps to follow to perform the action.

  1. Go to the official Amazon site
  2. You have to go to the section that indicates 'Your orders'
  3. Once there, look for the order you wish to locate
  4. Finally, hit where it says "track packages", which is with your order
  5. This way you can see in real time where your package is
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How Amazon's scheduled orders work

When you make a purchase through the Amazon platform, it gives you an optional delivery date and time for the order. However, some items that are offered on the web tend to be modified in these two aspects, as many users sometimes predict that they will not be home to receive the package.

Therefore, at the end of the purchase process, the system offers you an option called "scheduled delivery" which consists in the fact that you, as the buyer, can set the most convenient date and time for the delivery of your order. For this you just need to click on this function and set the data, then at the time you have chosen, the delivery of what you have purchased will be carried out.

Customers with Amazon Prime

This convenient option is very feasible for Amazon Prime subscribers, as the price is cheaper due to the monthly payment you make for your subscription. This value is stipulated in almost two euros ; where delivery can be scheduled up to a week in advance and at the times established by the company.

Regular users

For this type of users who make up the general public (who do not have an Amazon subscription) the surcharge for scheduling the delivery is a little higher than in the previous case, the its price is around 7,90 euros and they are also subject to the time restrictions that they select based on the set day.

Additional functions on the status of an order on Amazon

The giant Amazon offers all its users a wide range of options so that they are aware of the conditions of their order; thus generating greater security, trust and customer loyalty. Therefore, here we present the most important ones currently in force.

Shipment tracking

As an Amazon user, you can easily monitor, track and locate your orders always it's everywhere. By simply searching for your order on the company's website or App, there will be the information you need, providing specifics such as: location, coordinates, travel time, time to go and more ...

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This function is one of the most used by consumers, because it generates greater safety and is able to verify the good performance of the transport that will deliver them; with which they become potential customers of the brand.

Return of purchase

Another function that Amazon offers you is that of being able to return the products you have purchased; In this case it depends on the state they are in when they received them or if there was an error and they gave you what you didn't ask for.

To make the return correctly, follow the instructions we will provide you shortly

  • Enter the official page or the Amazon App
  • Find the My Orders section
  • Click Return Gift
  • Locate your order and click "replace or return items / products"
  • You must select the item to be returned
  • Then choose the option for which you want to return it
  • Then select one of the options to make the return "refund or exchange"
  • Finally, it is necessary to print the return ticket and to accept it

If you want a replacement, you need to wrap the product and have it ready; At the end of the procedure, you will receive specific information on when this return will be made and you just have to wait for it to be done (the wait also applies to the refund).

Shopping history Shopping

In this case you can query all the purchases you have made and even manage your history. To be able to see this information in detail, you must first log into the web with your username; there go to the 'my orders' section. From here, finally, you can view all the information relating to the parcels ordered; the ones you rejected, the ones you received, the ones you sent and the ones you are waiting for.


Any Amazon user can request and download an invoice after making the purchase or receiving the product. Here go to the "my orders" section, then to the order details, finally, request the corresponding digital invoice and voila, the system will issue your request and give it to you. It is valid for any purchase, you can also physically request it together with your order.

Advantages or benefits of online shopping

Changing the file or delivery date of an Amazon order comes in handy enough when you decide to change delivery dates. Purchases of products and services (online) in recent years have been on the rise.

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Lack of time seems to be one of the problems or barriers that arose when trying to shop because people do they keep always a limited time ; between home, work or even student chores.

For these reasons it is important to note that the ability to make purchases safely on Amazon, or on other online pages, frees users or buyers from the cumbersome task of leaving the house to make them.

It also offers the ability to compare products , the prices and the locations of the shops where you intend to make a purchase, which would take a long time if made in the traditional way that many were used to.

It is hard to believe that, previously, yes were to spend an incredible amount of resources , such as: time and money, to make a simple or rather elaborate purchase. Now you just have to buy online, wait and that's it.

Were the deliveries of purchases made on Amazon delayed during the Covid-19 pandemic?

The modification of the card or the delivery date of an Amazon order it seems to be very similar to a purchase being delayed, with the difference that the first cause is by choice.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led many users to want to create an account on Amazon or others "Online" purchasing services . Millions of users around the world have had to stay at home due to the health problem that afflicts us.

For these reasons many purchases have been delayed, obviously because the number of people shopping online is increased for obvious reasons. Certainly, deliveries to distant geographic destinations have been delayed due to the pandemic.

However, this mostly happened at the beginning of the pandemic While it has not disappeared, there still remains a problem that is getting out of hand.

However, companies like Amazon have been given the task of warn that deliveries to a distant destination it may take a little longer than normal. Therefore, you shouldn't be afraid if your order doesn't arrive quickly, so you can check or track where your purchase is.

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