How to change the location or destination of downloads on your Android phone

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Currently, smart mobile devices have managed to increase their internal storage capacity with each new version, so that it is possible download and save more files , applications and games on the same device.

These applications and games can be downloaded from the Official Google Play Store , or in some cases they are also downloaded from the browser itself through third-party stores, in the case of an APK file or any other application or document that you want to download to the device.

However, these files that are downloaded directly from the browser of our mobile device are saved by default in a specific folder on the internal memory, which sometimes it can become a problem because we don't always know the exact location of this folder.

    How to find the folder where my downloads go

    Downloads are those files that are found on the web or in applications and that we download to our mobile devices or computers. Being able to find this folder is something really simple, regardless of whether it is on a mobile phone or on a PC; For this reason, we will explain what you should do to contact her.

    • Go to your storage (mobile) or file browser (computer)
    • There you will find a folder called "download / download"
    • Enter there and you will be able to see all your downloaded files

    Where can I store Internet downloads on my mobile phone?

    SD card

    If you have external storage on your mobile, you can easily save your downloads in it. For this you need to have the active or working SD card in it you can create a new folder or rename another to so you know how to find it later and find everything inside.

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    After that, you need to sync your browser in so that all the files you download go to this folder in the external memory. As a first step, click on the 3 vertical dots located in the upper right corner of the browser.

    Then select the download option; while you are there, click on the gear icon at the top; here you have to choose the option that says 'download location'; You will see two options, where you will choose the SD card and finally the folder specified for this purpose and that's it; in this way everything will be recorded in this same place .

    Internal Memory

    Normally on Android devices the files that are downloaded from the Google Chrome browser are sent to the folder Download or Download that you found in the internal memory of the device, although on some devices it can be saved in a folder with a different name, depending on the model and brand of the phone or the browser used in it.

    Likewise, there is an option for identify the folder location in where the downloaded files are stored, below we will show you a series of steps to follow to find the download folder on your phone.

      Normally this folder is in the same location on all devices, so you can most likely apply this method if you want to find the downloads folder on an iPhone device,

      However, there is also a method for change the destination folder of the files that are downloaded in another, so that it is easier and more convenient for us to search for the files we download in Google Chrome or any other browser you use on your device, in case you do not know how to move the location of these files , in this article we will show you how to do it.

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      What is the best download manager for my android phone?

      Turbo Download Manager (and browser)

      This is an application that will help android users to have a better download experience and manage it easily on the phone. One of the advantages of the platform is that allows you to increase the speed level on each download carried out.

      Furthermore, it contains other features besides the differences; for example, you can download in the background or manually; it does not set a maximum size on files; you can make more than one download at the same time ; notify the process and completion of each download and; presents a history listing all files.

      Advanced download manager and torrent downloader

      on your part, this app divides each download into nine equal parts ; providing faster download speeds. It allows multiple functions, among which we point out the following: download up to three files at the same time; presents the list of all downloads in progress; detects the downloads they make from the web; you can make your files go into different folders depending on their content or the order you want.

      Charger droid

      With the use of this app you will be able to get more from the downloads you make with your mobile; as it increases the speed of downloads because each download divides it into three equal parts in so it can be faster. It also allows you to download any type of file (images, photos, videos, books, presentations, applications, etc.), regardless of the format.

      It should be noted that it brings with it some very current customizations such as the dark and light mode (like other apps) ; In addition, you can schedule downloads at the time you want, pause and continue whenever you want and; It easily recognizes the links that the browser you use generates.

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      How to change the location of downloaded files in the browser

      Changing the location of the files you download via your browser can be very helpful so you know exactly where it is all the content you have downloaded , and thus avoid wasting time looking for it or having to download it by other means.

      Although all browsers have this feature, it is better to use Google Chrome , since with this browser it is possible to store the downloaded files in the cloud via the Drive application developed by the same Google company. Here we will show you how to change the download folder location on your phone

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