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Since computers were created about half a century, they were quite primitive, but now they are completely different from what they were in those days, as today our computers are capable of perform all kinds of tasks, focused on executing general complex processes to help us with any type of task.

This would not be possible without the knowledge of man, as he put his knowledge into practice by creating electronic components, components that would then be adapted to the computer hardware, making them much more comfortable in size, in addition to this, also the invention of software, these would be the foundations that have made our computers with Windows and Mac Os systems exist today.

    How to use Technitium Mac Address Changer to make the change

    The most relevant thing we should know is that this is a program just for doing this MAC change and that you enter its advantages: it is totally free. Likewise, the first thing we need to do is look for it and make it work.

    So what we need to do is choose our network from a list and this program will automatically show you the information about your network. Therefore to change the MAC we have to give the Change MAC Address option; and by making this choice, you have the opportunity yourself to generate a character string or enter a new address.

    Best of all, the program is harmless and your card will show no harm in any way. Your system relies on looking for a matching MAC address for an entry and voila.

    What happens if I change my computer's Mac address?

    What happens is that you deceive the communication network, because the MAC address is your communication identification but it is not a serious matter. In other words, the moment you change the MAC address, you are modifying the software, but it doesn't involve any risk.

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    For this reason it is recommended, before modifying the MAC, to make a note of the MAC used previously before making the change. Because in some presented inconvenience, simply after using it you can reset and ready everything will be in order.

    Where can I see the Mac address of my PC?

    The first thing we should know is that the MAC address that exists in our computer performs a function which is to act as a unique identifier for a network device, although it is also known to be a physical address within the world of the internet, despite this being unique, it is editable, either to enter a game in which we have been banned or for other possibilities, in this way we can change it below:

    The first step to follow to change our MAC address is to know which one we currently have, located in the network card, to find out with the command box that we can see it. With the Windows key plus the R key we can open a window called run, in this window we will write CMD, when we press enter a small black window will open, this is the CMD.

    Changing the MAC address of our PC can be a good option depending on the situation, as we told you before if you have been banned from a game, for example, if you change the MAC address we can re-enter it.

    Also if we want browse places where there is not so much security we can change this address or simply if you were connected to a public Wi-Fi network and you no longer have internet, you can have a connection again if you change the MAC address.

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    Windows operating system

    This operating system is part of the Microsoft company, this system started as a primitive but innovative phase in 1985 as Windows NT 1.0, which over the years would be improved, it was up to Windows 3.0 where this system began to be successful in the world and would finished consolidating until 1995 when Windows 95 came out, a version of the system that changed everything.

    Undoubtedly it was around this time that Windows reached an incredible point in the history of computers, hence they have continued to evolve, releasing version after version, until reaching the most well-known versions such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and today where mainly Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 systems are used.

    Each of these current systems has an interface of intuitive system, which is quite pleasant and accepted by users, with this system it is possible to perform functions with both system programs and third party programs, use programs such as the voice recorder, encrypt folders and files or even modify technical sections, such as the address IP or MAC address of our pc.

    How to change the MAC address in Windows?

    • The first step is to identify and find the MAC address we currently have as explained above and also open the window that has been indicated to us.
    • Once inside the CMD we will write the command "getmac" e the our current MAC address.
    • After seeing and writing down our current MAC address in case we want to put it back, we need to go in Device management, this we can look for in the Windows start menu.
    • We will deploy Device Manager until we see the option Network cards.
    • If we show this option we will also see the network cards which will be connected to our computer.
    • We select the one we want to change the MAC address and right click and go up Property.
    • Within Properties we will go to the advanced options, in these we find the MAC address.
    • Here we can see a text window, where we will have to write a code preferably alphanumeric, this code must be written number after number followed, without separators, if we did it with separated ones like periods or hyphens, we could cause an unidentified network error in our Windows system.
    • We will confirm and the window will will close , close the Device Manager and restart our computer.
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    Change Mac address with external apps

    In addition to Technitium Mac Address, there are other external applications that you can access to make these changes. For example, Virtual Adapters, with this we will have a larger view and we will aim to select a desired network adapter and like the other program you can also add a random address.

    There is also another application called Spoof-Me-Now, which will also be of great help when you change your MAC address and, above all, it requires no installation . It is a simple interface and through which it is possible to have wide access to the network adapters, we will also select the new address and generate the change we want.

    Finally, there is NoVirusThanks MAC Addres Changer which has among its features the power to activate a Virtual Adapter box for greater range . All the above mentioned applications have the same task, you just need to log in to get your MAC changed.

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