How to change the start page to a new window in Firefox Quantum

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Internet-enabled browsers have a default system for each of their actions, if you want to change it and change the home page in new windows, here you will learn how.

The overall design of the new tabs shows the browser main page along with other options such as featured pages , bookmarks, among others.

How to change the start page to a new window in Firefox Quantum

Sometimes this default configuration can be changed by installing and using an extension who has acquired our permission to do so.

If you don't know if you've done this or just want to change your browser's default style, here's how. Before starting, we recommend that you update your Mozilla FireFox or FireFox Quantum browser to the latest version

Find out how to change the home page in new Mozilla browser windows

Firefox Quantum is a very popular version of Mozilla browsers that has created new tools to improve the Internet experience.

The important thing is to stick to the speeds your network provides, without the need to create background tasks that slow down your ability to use them.

Likewise, this browser always tries to adapt to the needs of users , making it a favorite for the internet community.

If you want to configure the content every time you open a tab, you need to know that the process is very simple and there are only three simple steps you need to perform within the program.

When you are in the browser, look for the " Menu "to click on it and, once displayed, select" options ".

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Another way to access this point is to use the keyboard shortcut " Alt+T "and click" options ".

A window with several tabs will appear on the screen; where you have the name of " Start "where you need to enter to configure the central panel of these options.

To change the home page in new windows as in the simple start of the browser; Access the "Page initial and new windows "

At this point you can select the content that will appear in the new tabs you open; among the options " Firefox launch ", use a" Custom URL " or one " Empty page ".

By applying this change, you will be able to see how the configuration you established will look like each time you open a new window.

Since you want to customize your homepage, you should know that just as you can add featured pages, you can also remove the featured section.

What can you do if an extension has changed the new tab settings in your Firefox Quantum browser?

Since extensions are add-ons installed and used by the user within the program, the user can change some of its settings .

You have two ways to change the home page in the new windows that are added while using the browser:

Try disabling the installed extension

As a user, you have the ability to view which plugins are used in the program and identify which has made the changes within it.

Disable these installations by accessing the " Menu "and press the button" options "to enter the section" Startup panel ".

Read all the options and you will see that below " New windows and tabs "will tell you if there is any extension that has changed the configuration you established on the home page or new tabs in Firefox Quantum.

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To deactivate the plugin, simply click on the " Disable extension "and click" Save Changes "to return to the initial configuration.

Remove the extension

If, on the other hand, you simply want to remove the plugin that your browser has modified, you must follow the same procedure to access the " Menu ", but this time click on" Extensions ".

When you find the one that is changing your listing's home page; press the three-dot icon that appears above the name and click on " Delete ".

If you want to learn how to use Firefox Quantum options you should also learn how to clear the cache and cookies from your browsing history. Whichever browser you use, Mozilla, Opero or Chrome, we recommend that you prevent your browser from monitoring your Internet activity.

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