How to change the WiFi password of any Tp-Link router, step by step

When people recognize the importance of changing their Wi-Fi password for security, they start learning about how to change the Wi-Fi password of any Tp-Link router . Which consequently is really easy, for all the advantages that this procedure will bring.

Some users want to change their password, for the simple reason that they have been hacked by password cracking apps, connecting neighbors, friends or even strangers to your network.

How to change the WiFi password of any Tp-Link router, step by step

While at first we think the more serious part of the matter is that they don't contribute to the monthly bill, it's really nothing compared to the fact that can enter your other data such as passwords, bank accounts, browsing history, among others.

They also use your WiFi affiliated with your name, to do things illegally. Therefore, after this content, you must immediately change the WiFi password of any Tp-Link Router. This would also fix common problems like only affiliated phones disconnecting Wi-Fi. Since possibly, take it as a restoration and don't have this kind of problem again.


    Solution to change the WiFi password of any Tp-Link router

    They are really short passages, what you should do while reading so not to have any kind of problem or error in any of the steps. Are the following:

    Step 1:

    You need to enter the browser (it can be any) and enter your IP address in the address bar, the same as the LAN of the ADSL router.

    In case you don't know it or can't find it, you can check on the back of your tp-link router, there it will always bring you a sticker with your access data to it. Although possibly and generally tp link have the following IP

    You have to place this yourself where the URL goes in the search engine and press "Enter"

    Step 2:

    Then a screen will appear asking you for some information such as username and password to enter the system. You will probably find the same data on the back of the router.

    In any case , tp-link has the same data for all its devices, as it is: admin in the username and admin in the password. Everything must be capitalized.

    Step 3:

    Finally enter to configure the device, where you will find different options. You should look for one that says Management, you will be able to access Access Control and then into parte password . You will find the latter on the left side.

    In a username you will have to write the password you currently have, this procedure is used to verify that it is you. And in the part that says new password you will need to enter the new password you told to enter.

    Step 4

    At this point in the procedure, you have changed what you want to change, so finally you will look for the option that is normally found at the bottom which it says Save/Apply , this is to confirm saving or applying the changes that have the configurations done.

    Why should you change the WiFi password of any Tp-Link router?

    In addition to all the reasons we have given above, we add to this that, if you find that your Internet has a very slow browsing speed, it is possible that someone else is logging in with your password.

    When you make a change or a password change , other devices will lose Internet access completely. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the speed that you have contracted in your navigation plan.

    You must take into account that after making this password change you must also enter the new password on all devices that are affiliates in your home or office , as they will disappear.

    If, possibly in a very remote case, you have previously changed your router access data and you don't remember it, we advise you to change it quickly, resetting it with a pin or needle through the small hole on the back. Therefore, the router will return to its factory state and you can enter with the above data.

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