How to change your privacy settings and create a private or secret file in Dropbox

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Among cloud storage applications, Dropbox has been characterized as a user favorite. It is very versatile, plus it allows you to adjust the privacy of a file in so that it is private and only the owner can see it.

    Change the privacy of Dropbox files

    • Log in to your account with your username and password
    • Choose the file you want to make private or secret. In the section Shared , you can see all shared files, folders and links
    • If you are the owner of the document, click the button options with three dots to access file sharing options.

    Remove the link to the file

    • In case the file is shared via a link, choose the option Stop sharing this file
    • If, on the other hand, you want to keep the file, edit the link. Choose who can see the link, with a deadline and prohibit downloads .

    Stop sharing a file

    • Locate the file in the section Shared Dropbox and click the button with three dots.
    • Choose the option Remove, in so that other people can no longer see the file.

    note: when you have a document or stop sharing it and it's not in any folder, you are the only person who can access it. Now if you upload or create a document in a shared folder, all users belonging to the folder can open the document.

    Types of Dropbox shares

    In Dropbox you can choose which one type of authorization grant users access to your folders and files. They currently manage three roles: owner, publisher and reader.

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    Has permissions to super user, that is, it can modify, modify, view and perform any type of action on the files. Only one person can be the owner of a document or folder and is usually the person who creates it.

    When you upload a file or create a folder, you automatically get the owner role, but it is a role you can transfer to another user. As the owner of the folder, you can add new users and assign them a role. This role is the only one that has the power to delete or stop sharing a folder.


    He is a type of user who has permissions to modify a document or folder. They have the power to delete, modify or add new files within the folder.

    Your role also allows you to add or remove members, modify or add roles (minus owner). How to cancel or send member invitations.

    Read-only user

    It's the role with the fewest actions to perform in Dropbox. You have access to the folder for view files and add comments like other users, but you can't add, edit or delete any documents.

    The read-only user can see the other users in the shared folder and what role each one plays. can send email to other users and leave the folder whenever you want.

    dropbox letter

    Dropbox Paper is a new workspace built by Dropbox to integrate with the cloud. It works like one collaboration tool in where users can create and edit documents, assign tasks and schedule meetings.

    how to know if a folder is shared in Paper

    • Find the folder and open it
    • Click on the blue button of sharing and you can see if the folder is shared and with which users.
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    Change folder permissions in Paper

    • Select folder
    • Click on Share booty
    • Enter the names or emails of the users you want to share the folder with.
    • When done, click on the option Invite . All users will receive a notification or email to indicate that they are members of a new shared folder.
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