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It is very common that some web pages are untrustworthy, that they are created only to scam or cause some kind of damage to our device, for this it is necessary to keep the privacy of our PC safe, since in it we host a lot of important data. Users do not know how to determine which pages are safe and which are not, it is also necessary to know the tools to be able to control these pages, and it is important to ask yourself how to check or check if a website or web page is safe step by step?

We need to feel safe every time we surf the internet; For this reason we will provide you with all information necessary to verify if a site is safe or not.

How to check a trustworthy website before browsing

Fortunately, there are many ways to check if a page is safe, one of the safest browsers out there is Google Chrome , which displays a warning message when you think a page is untrustworthy. To check the security of a page, you will need to pay attention to the icons that appear on the left side of the web address.

Three icons are displayed, which are a lock, a circle and a red triangle. The padlock symbol indicates that it is safe and that the site is private. The circle icon indicates that the information is not secure , the connection to this site is not private and that someone may see your information. The last symbol in the triangle indicates that the page is too dangerous; it is better not to stay there.

Similarly, other browsers offer settings to keep your security, all you have to do is enter the settings and access the box that says "Privacy and security". Another way to know if it's safe is check the page URL and HTTPS , this is what shows the reliability of a page.

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It is also good that you search for the security policy, the pages have this document which you can see by looking for the box that says 'Privacy'. In this document it is necessary search for keywords such as 'Data' and 'Save'. Don't trust badges, some sites are very likely to display stamps they try to be trustworthy with.

Identify its origin

Check the name of the web page creator , which must be present on that page. In the case of educational institution (.edu) and government (.gov) websites, they are trusted.

Find contact information

One option you can implement can be to call the company, to call it you will have to go to the bottom of it where the box that says 'Contacts' appears , this can help remove any doubts.

Recognize the intentions behind it

Determine the purpose of the website and check if the information contained therein is consistent and consistent with that purpose.

Respect the creation dates

Most web pages should contain updated information to be reliable, although this depends on the type of information they post. Also note the last change.

Compare with other sites

Unsecured websites have a similar style when you visit them, they usually have a lot of ads, show exaggerated discounts, the text is messy, etc. It is good that you visit other websites for help you to differentiate.

URL checkers you should use in your navigation

There are many web pages that allow you to check the security of a page, to do so you just have to copy the URL of one and insert it into one of these, doing so will indicate if the page is reliable or not, some of these pages are "Norton Safe Web" and "URLEX". If you wish, you can create a shortcut to be able to enter them quickly and avoid any problems.

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Transparency report: technology from Google

Google technology has developed a transparency report which allows the user to be informed about how the policies of companies and governmental bodies affect the security, privacy and information personal. This can help us surf the internet safely as Google scans millions of URLs a day.

Norton Safe Web - Threat Security

As mentioned above, this is another URL control that can help us, it is similar to the previous one. This software analyzes if there are any risks or threats online on the web pages you visit. Based on this analysis, an information security rating is generated for each website before opening them.

Website reputation: registration and location

This is a similar tool to the previous ones, however it gives us different information. This software, by entering the URL of a specific page, tells us the server location and domain registration , where it then identifies its presence in multiple blacklists. Finally, issue a safety report.

Extensions that can help you browse safely

Some of the extensions you can add to Google Chrome sono: CyberGhost VPN Free Proxy, Ghostery, Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere, Hotspot Shield VPN Free Proxy.

These extensions will help you create more protection barriers for your information and browsing history.

Other alternatives to check if a web page is trustworthy

You can also check the domain of the page, if a letter of it is changed it could be illegitimate. Look at what the site looks like, if you see it doesn't have a good-looking the it is not clear what the page is trying to communicate , it's because it could be a bad page.

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You can use Google to investigate the reputation of any domain, read the comments of users who have already entered it. Avoid pop-up windows, if when you enter a site you see a lot of pop-up windows, it is best to close them as quickly as possible and leave it immediately. Through these pages it is possible that a virus reaches your PC, so it is good to know the antivirus indicated for your device.

Keep an eye out even if the page you enter redirects you to a completely different site.

On the other hand, you can insert pages that only you know , which you have used before. Also look for that during the search you always access the first pages that appear in the search engine, do not go to the other catalogs.

Finally, avoids always of enter personal information, it doesn't matter that the page is very secure, this will help you avoid any scam as much as possible.

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