How to choose the best dual band router for greater Internet coverage?

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The most important devices are always the mobile phone and the computer, but the router is becoming more and more important and prominent. Previously, the different models weren't as numerous as they are now, which generates a large number of possible choices for the home internet. That said, it is difficult choose the best dual band router on the market.

By running a WiFi speed test, you can immediately see the capacity of these devices. In turn, when you measure how many megabytes the Internet has, the surprise will be greater.

In the past, routers were chosen thinking only of the speed they could offer. The number of devices was not noticed, as they were generally few. Neither were other characteristics such as the number of ports, the type of processor, the amount of RAM, among other elements that are currently vital for speed and range.

What does dual band technology mean?

First, understand the terms and issues as a WiFi router: what is it and what is it for? How does it work, types and characteristics? , you will surely be able to understand the Dual Band perfectly.

Dual band is translated into Spanish as double band. Older, low-end routers have a a band that is 2,4 GHz. Then a new one-band but 5 GHz technology appeared on the market that was faster, but offered less range. That said, they started making routers that covered the two bands.

Dual band routers have one band for 2,4GHz devices and another for 5GHz devices, because not all electronic devices support the more modern ones. The differences between these two technologies mainly lie in the fact that 5 GHz has a higher connection speed and less interference, in change of a smaller scope.

You wait to choose the best dual band router


The first thing to establish is how many devices will be connected to the router at the same time, taking into account any smart device. This will allow you to choose the correct equipment that meets your needs.

Some routers have a dual-core processor, with a set amount of RAM, to provide optimal connectivity for multiple devices at the same time. If these types of routers fall within the budget that is being managed, it is advisable to opt for one with these characteristics.


This aspect is fundamental in terms of performance and range to be able to choose the best router dual band. Here you need to check the number of antennas your equipment has. Note that there are types of non-visible antennas that can be confusing, it is recommended that you look at the  direct equipment specifications.

Another important information is whether the antennas offer the simultaneous power service of several devices such as a mobile phone and a Smart TV. A key technology for better reach is the Beamforming. This gives the possibility to direct and focus the signal on the connected device without dispersing it.

The best dual band router these days must possess Wi-Fi ac technology which is also found as 802.11ac. This technology works with very good speeds and a optimal data flow.


It is convenient to choose the best dual band router, which has at least 1 Gbps of Ethernet ports, which offers a fast connection when you need to connect a device in wired mode.


It is also important to see if the router has USB ports, what type they are, and M2 ports for solid drives. These ports are used for advanced functions such as streaming or connecting devices via USB cable. Therefore, they are not that necessary, but if you are considering a router for these tasks, it is convenient to be wary of this.

A router for every need

In today's market, there is a wide variety of routers for every need. Some teams focus on games featuring a large number of antennas and powerful processors to deliver lag-free transfer speed. However, these types of routers are expensive and they burn incense if not used.

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