How to clear or delete Snapchat history and conversations on iPhone and Android

We are currently in 100% digitized times and with each passing day we tend to perceive how the updates of our applications begin to give us headaches in terms of privacy issues that make us want to clear our application histories and sometimes life is complicated for us trying to do that.

The Snapchat application we usually want to empty for free up space and watch our backs , as it is a social network driven by the youth population and is usually at the center of concerns about data security issues.

How to clear or delete Snapchat history and conversations on iPhone and Android

There are many celebrities who have been exposed after the scandals over 200.000 photos that have been viralized without the permission of celebrities who at one point shared private content on Snapchat, without knowing where their Snapchat sent files were kept.

But that shouldn't be cause for alarm because is there a way to get rid of the history , including the conversations that are generated through this digital platform, since one of the main recommendations of this platform is to delete content with a certain frequency .

      How to delete Snapchat files from iOS and Android?

      Snapchat has a systematic process for IOS and Android platforms that allows you to delete your conversation history by which you just need to strictly follow a few simple steps.

      Below you can understand how from the Snapchat application on an Android device you can get rid of any worries:

        Subsequently, you will notice that the steps to follow within Snapchat from your IOS device (Iphone or Ipad), are exactly the same:

          It is important to note that even if the history of an application such as Snapchat or any other app is completely deleted, there will always be files hidden in other folders, which you can delete by deleting directly in your video or photo folders and of course frequently deleting data "Cache" from the application.

          Also delete your search history

          There are people who also want to delete their search history for prevention, so that their interests are not exposed in case someone else accesses their application, below you will find other simple steps to do so.

            As in the previous case, the advice is to carefully review the folders on the mobile for prevent videos or photos that you no longer want to have on your mobile device are stored and constantly empty the "Cache" data of the application.

            Although the platforms hide behind problems of security and privacy in times when people tend to exploit our core information and where cybercriminals often do their thing, it's important to take the necessary precautions to use the app correctly and avoid inconveniences in the process. future that could jeopardize their personal integrity.

            We need to pay attention to the content we usually share and/or post on different digital platforms, such as Snapchat, where we believe that videos, photos and conversations are completely erased within a certain amount of time.

            The most advisable thing is to take the initiative and take the habit of frequently deleting files which we usually share on this platform, so, in this article we leave some simple steps that will make it easier for you to get rid of the history within the app

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