How to clone and fix image imperfections with the Corel Photo Paint tool

With the clone tool you can correct imperfections with Corel Photo-Paint in an image and you don't necessarily have to be an expert on the program to get it.

How to clone and fix image imperfections with the Corel Photo Paint tool

In fact, learning how to use this resource is very easy and quick, as well as versatile . Well, who hasn't needed or wanted to fix an element in an image.

If you have a photo that you took and it looks a little blurry, Corel Photo Paint also lets you fix it; or when you want to fix red eye in a photo.

      How to fix imperfections with Corel Photo-Paint?

      To get started, you need to have the Corel Photo-Paint editor running and the image you want to clone or fix open.

      Then, on the left side belt, is the tool belt, that icon for cloning . It will have two parallel elements to differentiate it.

      Likewise, it's easy to find, as it will be under the crop and zoom tools. Click on the desired option with the pointer.

      As a result, the selected tool's top menu or property bar will be updated, with all the settings related to the clone tool.

      Similarly, the pointer will update and appear as a circle, which it will duplicate when you click on the image . One will remain static and flashing to indicate the point of origin.

      That is, the section to copy. While the other one, the cloning one, can be moved and positioned in the area where you want to correct imperfections with Corel Photo-Paint.

      In this sense, the segment to be cloned must be chosen with the pointer of origin, but before proceeding you need to configure the instrument .

      Basic settings required to use the Clone tool

      Once the point of origin has been determined, proceed to press on the " Brush list ”, which will be the first option (from left to right) of the aforementioned property bar.

      Of these, choose “ Clone Tool ”, and then the type of brush, for example “ Large Soft Clone ”. This way, the other bar values ​​will be updated automatically.

      Thus, it will no longer be necessary to adjust them manually, unless the user wants to make a specific change.

      Correct imperfections with Corel Photo-Paint!

      To get started, click the right button Mouse over the source pointer over the section or part you want to clone, then move the cloner cursor over the area you want to fix.

      To continue it is necessary to press the left mouse button, so that what we have copied is cloned.

      This action is usually performed by holding down the left button and moving the cursor, gently and carefully, over the area to be treated.

      The point of origin must be moved according to the characteristics of the image, as the shadows and colors are not always the same.

      To change it, simply right-click on it new location which will be taken as the reference of the copy.

      It is also recommended that you keep or use pressure, opacity and smoothing with high values, so that the cloning is smooth and the change is not too noticeable.

      Another way to fix imperfections in your images is through the use of the effects tool.

      Tips for working with the Clone tool

      One of the main tips to keep in mind is that when correcting imperfections with Corel Photo-Paint, it is always good make a copy of the image to work from.

      Since, inconveniences are avoided if you don't like the result and want to go back to the original representation. This is done by selecting " Duplicate ".

      After clicking on the item. Or again, with the keyboard commands " Ctrl + D ” to have insurance in case of errors.

      On the other hand, the brush size should be according to the section or part you want to fix. If it's a small detail, the tool should be smaller.

      This is in order not to affect or modify elements that do not match. If, on the other hand, it is a large area, a larger brush can be used.

      Among the advanced options you also have the option to work with vector graphics which will give your images better quality and scaling.

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