How to completely uninstall hidden program from Windows 10?

Anyone who hasn't bought a new computer and downloads everything new they find on the web. This isn't a bad thing, but every program leaves its mark on your PC, sometimes slowing it down or creating crashes. That's why today's quote is learn how to uninstall hidden program from windows 10 completely simple how to fix "application not starting" error in windows 10.

How to completely uninstall hidden program from Windows 10?

Especially the hidden ones, because those are those programs that they are not shown on the desktop or to the naked eye (regardless of their function). They are, for obvious reasons, the most annoying because they accumulate on your computer without you realizing it.

      Uninstall programs in Windows 10

      Before getting to completely uninstall a hidden program from Windows 10, you need to learn how to delete or uninstall programs in general, so that you know the functions of this operating system.

      One of the differences with Linux is that this How to uninstall programs in Ubuntu from the terminal , making the process a little easier.

      The first thing is to go to the start of Windows and select the gear that is located in the lower left part of the screen, once this is done, a section with many options will open, click on " Applications ".

      In this other section that will open, you will be able to manage all your applications, select the option "Apps and Features" , here you will find a detailed list of your installed programs, when you find the one you want to remove, click on it.

      Once this is done, a section with the details of the application will appear, in this there will be an option called " Uninstall "Press it and you're done.

      From the start menu

      It should be noted that, if the scenario occurs, Windows 10 boot menu stuck should be fixed, as otherwise it will hamper the process.

      There is another method which may be faster than the previous one although less detailed, you just have to click the right mouse button on the Windows start menu on the application you want to uninstall, with this a window will appear with the option call " Uninstall ", which pressing it will take you to the control panel and allow you to remove it.

      Completely uninstall a hidden program in Windows 10

      Now, back to the main topic, it's time to learn how to remove hidden applications so that they stop taking up space. The first thing of which you'll need is a third-party app called OYO Appbuster.

      Because with the previous processes Windows skips some applications that are built-in (and that were not downloaded with your consent). There are one or the other of these applications which are quite good but most of them only take up as much space as needed on your hard drive.

      The first thing to do is download OYO Appbuster , then run it to install it on your system, then open it, it will scan your entire hard drive, looking for any installed programs or applications.

      Once done, a window will open, where each of the system applications will appear. This section will specify not only the name and the space that the application occupies on the disk, but also the path to follow to find it and, of course, eliminate it.

      It's very easy with this useful tool (which doesn't even weigh much and is free) you can completely uninstall a hidden Windows 10 program, leaving room for what you want and without causing system failures (needless to say that the App is legal) .


      With everything you've read above, it should be clear that uninstall completely a hidden program from Windows 10 is very simple. It's nice to never get to the point where apps pile up anyway. Because even if deleting the hidden ones solves many problems, it's always better to be organized.

      So use this tutorial, learn from it and then don't make the same mistake of downloading unnecessary things just because you want to have them, because keeping your PC healthy is just as important as keeping yourself healthy.

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