How to contact Rappi customer service or support by phone or online

Effective communication between the parties is essential and even more when it comes to the system offered by the Rappi platform. Therefore it is important to know how to contact him both by phone and online , so you get the best service when it comes to ordering food in restaurants.

Today we have to take into account the fact that many users in the world don't have free internet or don't have the so-called Smartphone. And for them it is essential to be able to count on a guide almost face to face to be able to enjoy the benefits of Rappi.

How to contact Rappi customer service or support by phone or online

There is nothing better than a more direct attention and Rappi knows it perfectly because many can clarify doubts with that means of telephone.

Although for other users, thanks to their freedom of access to the Internet and technology, online communication seems much more feasible or effective. You can choose any medium to communicate with their hotline and request your order or resolve concerns with Rappi.

Rappi and its customer service by any means, stands out as one of the best among similar delivery apps. So you can be sure you have the solution to your needs at hand and in the fastest way. You must only download and install Rappi on your mobile device and start using it.

    The Rappi platform should always try to provide the absolute best service in its field and offers various alternatives for being able to contact customer service or support by phone. This is extremely important data when you want to use the system as widely as possible.

    Rappi's method of customer service over the phone should vary depending on which country you reside in, and Rappi provides all of its services. From placing an order to formulation of a complaint or the resolution of any unknown factors , you can run through this communication channel.

    In advance we can tell you that to simplify the work, or lighten the burden, the Rappi platform has a general number which is 316-35-35. And in case you need to contact him, you just have to add the corresponding prefix to the country or city where you are initially located .

    When making the call it is necessary to have an operator available to resolve any inconvenience or respond without any problem to your requests. The best thing is that this server is human, so you will be sure that it will help you without any robotic protocols, but rather that it has to adapt to your needs.

    Were you able to contact Rappi customer service or support by phone and prove that it is relatively very simple. However, it may happen that due to a glitch in the signal, the process may take some time. In the event of a serious problem, you can contact (031) 316-35-22.

    Rappi also makes its App available to you, a quick and secure way to contact the system to place your orders and resolve any unknown factors you may have. Remember to download and install it on your device to start enjoying the service.

    In the case of the Rappi App, enter, search and press the option called profile and you will see the SOS option, and proceed to activate it. It's also a way to wrap up making an emergency call to the Rappi platform; In other cases it can be used access to the Rappi site and through it get in touch with the system.

    In case your relationship with the Rappi platform is that of one of its distributors, you will also have the possibility to communicate with the system and be able to solve any problem; Rappi cares and deals with each of the people who use its platform with the intent to provide better service every day.

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