How to control my Samsung Mobile remotely from my PC

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The versatility of technological devices is not limited to their internal use, that is to the enhancement of internal tools present in the different teams, and according to their functions. Usage can transcend the boundaries between teams and meet in unison along the way.

The foregoing means that the technological devices or equipment they can be used as vehicles or vehicles , for the use of other equipment, this is how a mobile phone can be controlled from the PC, or in the opposite sense of the function, a PC control from a mobile phone.

According to this line of ideas, the mobile can be used for other purposes, such as using it as a keyboard or mouse for the PC, or covering other aspects of life and using the Android mobile as a remote control for Smart TV, the possibilities being very diverse, we must focus on one in particular, that of how control your Samsung mobile remotely from your PC .

Control Samsung mobile remotely from PC

This possibility is not about any absurd or unlikely wish, it is a perfectly executable action that can be performed by Samsung devices. There are tools and applications that allow this action in Samsung.

There is one famous, for its feasibility and efficiency in using the PC , from a mobile phone, although little is said about its inverse function, which is what interests us. We are talking about Teamviewer Host.

Its use is particularly recommended, since other applications and mechanisms, intended for the same function, may require, or even require complicated processes, involving connections, cables and even the application of a Root in order to perform the configuration and achieve the goal. . want control the samsung cell phone remotely . By virtue of this, let's see how to get it.

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Procedure to control the mobile phone remotely from a PC, with Teamviewer Host

In the first order you will need to install the application. For this we must bear in mind that there is a special variant of the application, which is dedicated to its use in combination with Samsung devices . This is Teamviewer Host for Samsung.

To download and install it, we refer to the Play Store, where in the upper segment you can write the name of the App and search for it. Once found, click on install, which will start the download and installation process in a self-taught way, once installed, it will notify us and we can open the application to proceed with the configuration .

No exceptional process is required to set up the account, as most are done automatically by the application itself, but require user intervention. To do this, access the newly installed application on your mobile , where you need to login. Which is simple, a user record is created, by entering the required data, within the segment that says "Register".

At this point the process of obtaining the support is ready, and the registration, now all that remains is to proceed to the connection or connect with the PC , to be able to remotely control the Samsung mobile phone. What is done as follows.

Process to connect the Samsung mobile with the application and the PC

Once your mobile device is registered, you will need a link, or connection, between it and the PC, from which you want control remotely . What proceeds as follows.

You will need to make a connection between PC and Samsung device , therefore, most of it has already been done, since the mobile phone has been registered, with the previous procedures.

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per ottenere remote control of the device , the application must be downloaded and installed for the particular version of the operating system being used, where three specific versions are available. The one offered for Windows, for Mac and for Linux. Based on what the user uses, it is downloaded and installed on the PC.

Once this is done, proceed to open the session from the PC, with the account that was created on the Samsung device. Since it is already connected, a control of the Samsung mobile it can be done remotely from the PC.

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