How to control which web pages can run Flash in Chrome

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When using our computer, surely, more than once a day we enter a web page where Flash is needed to go faster, so activating and enabling Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome was a option for many users in the world. . But for security reasons, you might want to better manage which pages Flash runs on and which doesn't.

How to control which web pages can run Flash in Chrome

That is why today we will teach you how to control webpages that can run Flash in Chrome , so that you can configure them to your liking and convenience.

      How to check web pages running Flash?

      Today, there are a large number of web pages that work properly thanks to the Flash implementation . Whether it's educational pages, work pages or just to have some free time, there is no doubt that Flash allows us to enjoy the Internet as we know it.

      That's why many of us might be interested in how to manage this useful plugin. In fact, activating and enabling Adobe Flash Player is very simple to set up, and today we're going to show you how to do it quickly and easily. Also, since many people have different browsers, we will show you how to configure Flash in the most popular today.

      How to check web pages running Flash in Chrome?

      There is no doubt that one of the most accessible and popular browsers today is Google Chrome. And it is difficult to find someone who has never used this versatile search engine. That's why we're providing you with the necessary steps so that you can check the activity data on the web running Flash from within Chrome. What you need to do is:

      • Go to the search engine Google Chrome .
      • Click on three points in the upper right corner.
      • In the pop-up menu that appears, click on the "Settings" option.
      • Once inside, go to the section "Privacy and Security".

      • Then, in the box of the same name, press option "Site settings" .
      • Click his "Flash".
      • When you're inside, turn on the switch with the "Ask first" option.

      Ready! Now, every time you access a page that requires the use of Flash, Chrome will ask you whether or not you want to allow access to this extension. Similarly, when asked if a page can use Flash, you can choose whether to block it or allow it to use it for life. This is for comfort , since you won't have to accept or deny the use of Flash every time you access it.

      How to check pages running Flash in Mozilla Firefox?

      Like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is a premium browser and is used by thousands of people around the world. In fact, it has one very simple setup . All you need to do to check which pages are running Flash in Mozilla Firefox is:

      • Log in to browser Mozilla Firefox.
      • Select the "Menu" button.
      • click on "Elements and Plugins".
      • Go to the part titled "Shockwave flash".
      • In that section, activate the "Ask to activate" function.

      That's all. Now, just like in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox browser will ask you if whether or not you want to allow it to run of Flash when you access a page that requires it. And in the Flash icon, you can specify which pages are exceptions, that is, on which Flash will be automatically activated.

      How to control pages running Flash in Apple Safari?

      Another widely used browser is Apple Safari. Here's all you need to do to check quickly and easily which pages run Flash in Apple Safari.

      • Log in to the Apple Safari browser.
      • In the settings, go to the section "Preferences".

      • Once there, go up "Security" and then "Plug-in settings".
      • In that part, you will be able to activate Flash and activate the option "Ask " on pages that need it.

      We hope that all this information will be useful for running flash in your browser. You can even successfully update Adobe Flash Player to the latest version so that it always stays up to date. Don't let anything stop you from enjoying all the options the Internet has to offer, but always with the peace of mind of knowing that you can control everything at your convenience.

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