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Playfulness and art are two different perceptions that humans use to express themselves, but both can come together when you want to turn a photo into a cartoon, that is, a caricature. Whether you want to do it, from an Android or iPhone mobile phone, or by default you use an application like PicsArt, the desire to make everyday something special and fun knows no bounds.

And when it is said that borders are unknown, it is because it can be assumed that only editing platforms such as Photoshop allow you to convert a photo or a face into a caricature. But that's not the case, this possibility also reaches social platforms where we can turn photos into a caricature on Facebook.

Converting a photo into a cartoon is not something that is limited to one sector or another, or that is exclusive to some platform, there are dozens of options, where art, digital or material flows. Let's take a tour of the possibilities and gods processes to turn a photo into a cartoon. This way you will be able to know your alternatives when you need to do such an edition.

    Ways to turn a picture into a cartoon in just a few steps

    Mobile apps

    Web sites

    What are the best programs for making a cartoon with a photo?

    It is true that the process of shaping and shaping a photo in a cartoon is an art, and there are even professionals who dedicate their lives to this problem. In the previous lines we have seen how it can be done, however, for get professional results , years of study are deserved.

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    And studying is not just a requirement, there must be talent, everyone can do it, but not everyone can do it professionally. Furthermore, it implies and takes time to make it happen, which not everyone is willing to give up. Therefore, any of these applications can be used to convert a photo into a cartoon.

    • MomentCam-Cartoons and art
    • Prisma photo editor
    • PaintLab - Photographic cartoom, artistic filters
    • Photographic laboratory
    • Draw me!
    • PRO cartoon photo
    • Clip2Comic
    • Toon Me Dollify animation
    • Camart
    • Pencil photo sketch
    • paint
    • BeFunky
    • Cartoon yourself
    • Artistic filters and effects

    The process of editing and transforming into cartoon or cartoon will be done according to the dependency of each application and its interface, but it is extremely easy to use them all and the results are so varied and attractive that opting for just one is a Herculean task.



    Clip2Creator of comics and caricatures

    Deep art effect

    Cartoon photo maker

    This may seem strange, complicated or even an odyssey to materialize, which is why we resort to the help of technology, which we will talk about later. But let's face a more personal issue, which will give the work an individual, and therefore unique, imprint. We see how to make a caricature from a photo.

    We will do this with two fundamental elements, one surface where to capture the process , preferably writing paper, with its respective design element, be it pencil, charcoal or whatever you prefer, and the second and most important, creativity.

    The first thing will be a detailed analysis of the physiognomy of the person to be caricatured, this element is crucial, since from this exegesis of the phenotype will emerge the elements to highlight, diminish or make it more striking for the cartoonist.

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    Cartoons can never be an element of degrading contempt, they must be seen as an expression of art that transmutes itself with the playfulness of people. In cartoons, yes can appreciate the artist's creativity and styling . Because in truth, caricature is an art.

    Taking the features to be highlighted, we proceed with the sketch, the same part of the imitation of the person's original face, but adapting it to the restructuring of the cartoonist's mind. Being infinite they are at the mercy of their own criteria. He remembers that it shouldn't be something perfect, the art is built to the extent of practice.

    The features to be highlighted must be added, this is achieved exaggerating their size in terms of proportion , but it is also possible, an antithesis, where the best way to highlight is to reduce what is most relevant.

    The list is endless, but in summary, the process focuses on testing and practicing, where they have to flourish processes and techniques of each person, to get a caricature. This is seen as an individual artistic process, but there is the digital measure to do it.

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