How to convert a scanned image to a Word document without online programs

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Since its inception, the programs of the Office suite they were very helpful. With each update and improvement, the tools that were implemented in each of these programs made it easier for all of its users to do almost any type of work.

These programs have become essential in computers even though their latest updates didn't provide major changes, the tools already implemented seem to be more than enough.

Microsoft Word

The fact that no major changes were made in its latest update indicates that Word is a really useful word processor in any situation. His versatility and wide arsenal of tools definitely place him as one of the Microsoft Office programs most used .

The use of Word doesn't stop just with writing and positioning images. To date, there are more tools to convert PDF files from Word, as well as convert PDF to Word documents.

Imagine a word

Fortunately, there is always a group of enterprising people who follow their instincts and try to develop new tools that can make this job more bearable.

Through this article, in addition to scanning and editing a document using Word, you will be able to explore the alternatives that exist in order to convert a scanned file or image into a Word document without having to go through a process of downloading some archives.

The first thing to keep in mind and the most recommended is that the scanned image is in PDF format , in order to convert it to a Word file. However, there are options that can work just as well with JPGs, PNG images, among others.

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Converting images

There are few alternatives for convert a scanned image into a Word document without the need for programs or online platforms. However, here you will find one of the few ways it can exist. It's easy, straightforward, and arguably one of the best.

If the file you are trying to convert to a Word document is in PDF format (as recommended above), the step to follow is very simple:

  1. Right click on the file.
  2. Find the option Open with ...
  • Select Microsoft Word
  • Following these steps, a window will appear on the screen telling you that you are about to convert a PDF file to a Word file, which may take some time depending on the weight of the file.
  • In a few minutes, the Word document will open.
  • Other options


    One of the options that frees you from downloading programs are online platforms. Online2pdf is a great option that also allows you to convert file PowerPoint in PDF .

    Convert even multiple files into one. The maximum weight allowed is between 100 and 150 MB. To proceed on this page, follow these steps:

    • Open your file explorer and select the images you want to convert in the web portal. Or you can click Select Files and, once the file browser window opens, select them.
    • Click the Convert option and wait for the page to analyze the inserted image or images.
    • Once the analysis is complete, the file download should be automatic. All you have to do is open it to see how accurately the text has been transferred to word format .
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    Free online OCR

    Another good alternative you can find on the web to convert your scanned images into a Word document. On this platform, you need to follow a few simple steps:

    1. Go to their website:
    2. Click the Select File option.
  • Once File Explorer opens, locate and select the file you intend to convert into a Word document.
  • After selecting the file to convert, click on the tab Upload + OCR .
  • The platform will begin analyzing the readable text in the scanned file to translate it into a Word document.
  • When the analysis is complete, click on the option Download . A menu will appear where you will choose: Microsoft Word (Doc).
  • The download of the file will start, you just have to open it to check that everything is fine, since it probably has errors.
  • Learn very simple and practical way to convert your PowerPoint file to Word document here and avoid future program conversion and compatibility problems now.

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