How to convert photos or images online to make stained glass designs?

Making stained glass designs can be quite easy when done with the right tools, especially if you has a digital guide . Photo or image effects may be needed to get spectacular ideas that make stained glass windows much more beautiful and detailed.

How to convert photos or images online to make stained glass designs

      What tools can be used to make stained glass projects online and on your PC?

      There are many options available, from mobile apps to professional design tools like Photoshop by Adobe, all with great features. The main thing you should know is that some work better than others. Therefore, it may be preferable that you understand how to use them, for better results.

      online options

      In fact, there aren't many options on the web that provide this result. Most online editors just apply some effects and modifications . In a sense, if you already know this art, you can upload photos of your stained glass.

      This might be easier for you than directly testing with materials or drawing by hand for a long time until you find something you like.

      offline options

      The best way to make this type of edition is Photoshop, this option is also included in its effects menu, allowing you to modify the stained glass windows to your liking. You can also, instead of convert an image or photo , design your own stained glass windows to use as a guide in your works.

      Keep in mind that you need to know how to use Photoshop to get great results, but it's always a good time to learn.

      Create stained glass designs using Adobe Photoshop

      Perhaps this is the tool of choice for most designers and those people who use digital art as a means of expression, as it has a wide variety of tools that will allow you to create unique designs.In this opportunity, this excellent application of design has not escaped its obligations, we tell you how to make stained glass designs with this program.

      Before you start working with your photo, you'll want to make sure you correct it if it's pixelated so your final work has a better finish.

      To make your stained glass window in Photoshop, you must follow a series of steps, quite simple, it is only necessary that you do it to the letter, so you will do it very quickly.

      First, enter Photoshop, if necessary, open your Microsoft account, then, in the option "File" select "You open", locate your file and open it. Now you have to find the "Filters" section, in the section "Texture". Dove you should locate and select "Coloured glass", this will automatically edit the image and give it the look.

      Photoshop is the editor of choice for many designers and that's because you can not only work with a large number of preset tools, but you can also create your own effects and textures.

      In the option "Dimension cell ", you can slide the bar and select a number between two and fifty. The number represents the length of the "pieces", decreasing the detail.

      The section “Border Thickness” it does the same thing, defining the size of the edges of the pieces, between zero and twenty. The higher the number, the thicker the lines will be. Only the option remains "Light Intensity" , which helps with image contrast, adding or subtracting light as needed.

      Use each of these options to enhance the image quality, once you get the desired effect, all you have to do is press "OK".

      Once this is done, you need to press "Save with name..." this way you will keep the original photo and, at the same time, the edited photo in the stained glass style. With all this information that has been provided, it is possible that you can make stained glass designs with great skill, all you have to do is bring it to the glass and let your art flow. Make sure that when you save your work make sure you do so without losing the quality of your image.

      The good thing about this idea is that you can design stained glass windows, print them and use them as a base, so it will be much easier to do the job, you can even perfect your technique. We invite you to use this spectacular tutorial to create beautiful stained glass, even images with this look, a really beautiful style.

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