How to convert Word document to HTML for free online

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Convert a document Word in HTML it's easier and easier today with the multiple tools available to do it. The online options offer the ability to get optimized code for your page, while Word lets you keep the final result as a replica of the document.

Both options are useful for publishing the document online as if it were a website. All elements of a Word file can be interpreted and edited in HTML format.

How to convert a Word document to HTML for free online

    Top 5 Tools to Convert Word Document to HTML Online

    1 password in HTML

    One of the easiest tools to use because its interface is very similar to a text editor. Word to HTML has i basic controls for editing text online, formatting the font or adding images.

    To use it, simply open the document in Word or another text editor, copy the content and paste it into the Word editor area. For the final result open the HTML Editor tab to get the code. The best thing is the chance to modify and clean up the code , removing unnecessary items.

    2 words to clean HTML

    It works similar to Word HTML, only it's not that customizable. To use it, the document is open in the text editor and the content is copied to the page text box.

    In Word to Clean you can remove empty paragraphs, change the tags in and

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    3 converted

    Undoubtedly one of the most popular among users since it has a Chrome extension which makes the process much easier. To convert you need to select the file from your PC, Drive, Dropbox or a URL and choose the output format, which in this case is HTML.

    Convertio is also used to convert audio, video, image, presentation, font and e-book files. One of more complete online solutions existing today.

    4 Online conversion

    Well known for being a tool used to convert images while preserving good quality results. Onlice-convert is also used for convert documents into various formats , even HTML.

    To convert the file you just need drag the file in the green area of ​​the page. Likewise, it supports uploading documents from a URL, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

    5 words in HTML by

    While it's last on the list, that doesn't mean it doesn't work as well as the other tools. Word to HTML is a lot easy to use , although its interface can be a bit confusing when using it.

    Supports documents in .doc or .docx format and loaded from the Select File button. Select the output option and hit the Convert to HTML button to finish.

    Convert Word document to HTML from PC

    Word is not only characterized by being one of the most used text editors, but also because it has more than one hidden makeup among its features that make life easier for users once discovered.

    • To convert a Word file to HTML, that's enough open the document in the application.
    • Make any changes you think are necessary before converting.
    • Select the File menu and then do click su Save with name .
    • Type in the name of the final document and the folder where it will be saved.
    • Click the arrow next to Word Document (* .docx) to enable a drop-down menu with all available formats.
    • Select the option Web Pages (* .htm, * .html) .
    • Hit the Save button to complete the process.
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