How to copy, paste and move files from Mac OS to external hard drive

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One of the most routine activities among the work o school is the action of copying, pasting or even moving some files that are on ours PC . This is to place them in different positions. This can be due to multiple reasons, administration or ordering is one of the best ways to conveniently view all our files.

How to copy, paste and move files from Mac OS to external hard drive

The storage of our information must always be responsible and for that we need more instruments to help us organize, distribute and customize all our files in a comfortable way.

If within our work, we need to constantly transport our information from one drive to another as in the case of moving files from disk C to D in Windows, it is important to know the steps and ways to move ourselves when copying , paste or move our files into place.

Although there are multiple file storage platforms, many people choose to have an external hard drive, where you can concentrate all your information and thus be able to take it everywhere.

I devices MacOS they have more options where we can copy, move and paste multiple files, while creating a copy of the document to be able to send it to another location and safeguard all information.

    Copy files using the Mac menu

    This is another useful way to place files from one place to another, without any problem, as we would do it from system menu same .

      And voila, with these steps you will be able to see that all the files you previously selected will be there.

      This action is important to remember, as it can be used on multiple devices, with some variations of course. However, before transfer any type of file to external drive , we recommend that these documents be scanned by an antivirus. All this in order to protect the integrity of your documents at all times.

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