How to copy text from blocked or protected pages or websites

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Firstly, what you should know is that all web pages can serve us for many good things that help us for a specific good, you can even see and use old or deleted web pages. But there are times when these pages are protected, for the same reason you are all wondering how do i copy text from blocked websites or web pages?

If what you want is to know how to do this process, what you need to do is stay a little longer with us, so that we can solve even your little problem, because this is where we will solve it easily.

How to copy text from blocked or protected websites

When we talk about Web sites, the first thing you should know is that without them we could not do almost anything, because it is with these magnificent pages that we can have a lot of information, which will help us to know many important things that we did not even know existed.

But if in any case you can't and you don't know how to copy text from blocked web pages or that those sites are all protected; even some marked as websites with an insecure connection and you want to enter to see the information it contains and want to copy, you shouldn't worry about this, as it is in this article where we will show you what you will need to do in that case that does not know how to fix it.

Use the Google Chrome browser

The Google Chrome browser is today very fundamental, as it is widely used in the internet world for its extensive customization, ease and dynamism that matters. And then we will show you how to navigate the wonderful Google Chrome.

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In order to use this browser, the first thing you need to know is that we will show you the method by printing. What you should do is log into the Google Chrome browser; then when you are there, what you need to do is go to the page you want to copy the text from and after that, you will need to press on different buttons, which are: CTRL + P button, the option to quickly print the text will also appear.

When you have it, what happens is you have to copy the content and select what you want.

You can also use other methods, which they can be extensions for Chrome which will allow only the read mode; You can only use it for third party applications. That is, you can use Clearly and Reader View. It is with them that you can copy all web text much easier.

  • Clearly: this extension is super easy to use, since with a just click you will have the reading mode quickly; Moreover, you will be able to easily see all your articles in a very simple way.
  • Reader View: With this amazing extension, you will be able to have a reading mode in your browser and even better it will appear as an icon next to the search bar. On the left back side, you will get the button, so that the screen can only see the text and likewise gives you the opportunity to save articles in HTML.

How to copy text from protected websites with Firefox browser?

You can also do a lot of good things in this navigation; and that is why, in the same way, we can have extensions in this amazing web browser and one of the things that can be beneficial for you is that there is no need to download it.

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This means that Firefox has a lot of options that you can modify to your liking; An example we will give you is that you go to the top of the page that is to be able to search for anything, and when you are there, you have to click on the reading mode.

Another thing you can go to is that you use extensions in Firefox, one of which can be very useful is the visualization automatic reader, since it is with this extension that you can easily have the reading mode activated automatically.

And if in any case, what you want is to activate it on other web pages, you can do it quickly, so you too do not contaminate any of your computers.

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