How to correct the information in the credit bureau history

The protection against fraud is extremely important and let's talk about credits and money which you have to pay in case you become a victim. Having practical information with steps to follow in case you fall into one of these situations is helpful and can help you a lot, as can knowing how to make claims in the face of inaccurate information.

That's why we have brought you this article in which we are going to talk about a problem that has unfortunately become common these days: Have you ever had incorrect information in your credit history? It happens to many and they have been a victim of fraud and had to pay off, many even wonder how long it will take for all debts to disappear.

How to correct the information in the credit bureau history

Surely that's why you're here, since you don't want to have to deal with this uncomfortable situation and having trouble claiming your credits. Don't worry, this problem has a solution, it is not a hopeless case, much less because it is very easy to fix these problems.

All you have to do is read this article where we give you the steps you need to follow to fix it quickly. You will see that the procedure is not complicated at all and in two by three you will have everything resolved.

      What is a credit bureau?

      First of all, what is the credit bureau for sure? Let's talk a little about this and thus clarify any doubts you have. This will help you to have a bigger picture of information and you will be able to better understand the steps we will give you.

      That said, a credit bureau is a national institution created to store credit data of people and companies in a specific country. Also responsible for issuing reports and notifying people that they have debts that need to be paid in order to be solvent.

      This institution is very useful, as it has a database with the data necessary to check a person's financial situation and know if he is eligible for a loan. For example, if a person or business applies for credit to access a good or service, the entity in question will be able to check the applicant's credit information and see whether or not they qualify.

      However, this system is not perfect as people can use tricks to take advantage of others and steal money. But these irregularities in your credit history can be corrected and therefore not be another victim of anyone trying to deceive you and if this is the case for you, it is important that you know how to block your Credit Bureau.

      The procedure to correct these irregularities is very simple, just follow the steps that we will show you below this article. You will see that in two by three you will be able to resolve any irregularity that may arise in yours credit history.

      How to correct information in credit history?

      Subsequently, we will provide you with all the necessary information so that you can correct any irregularities that may appear in your credit history. That said, the first thing you should do is head over to the credit bureau's main portal from yours browser web.

      Step 1

      After logging into the bureau portal, you must enter your account to request your "Special Credit Report" to check your account status. You can also do it by phone by calling the number "5449 4954" if you are from Mexico City or "01800 640 7920" if you are from within the country.

      Step 2:

      Once received by email, you will be able to verify yours personal data and debts that you have in that moment. Then in this report look for the irregularity you have detected to proceed with the complaint from the portal page.

      Step 3:

      Once you have all the details of the account to which the credit went and after making the claim, the office will assign you a sheet and a legend will appear on your account. This legend in your history will indicate that the credit in question has been disputed and is under review.

      And that's it, in 29 calendar days the credit office will notify you of the resolution given by the credit grantor. It is true that these steps have not been that difficult, we encourage you to continue investigating all the advantages of taking one loan from the credit bureau.

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