How to create a Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet account? - Step by step

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Bitcoin is here to stay and for that reason, we need to create an account bitcoin wallet to store this and other cryptocurrencies on the market.

Deciding on one of these is tough, just look at the number of wallets that exist today, they all offer one large number of advantages, conveniences and benefits .

How to create a Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet account? - Step by step

However, we can show that there are several that are already established and enjoy the approval of many. Today we will show two of them and indicate step by step how to create an account.

Cryptocurrency is what is all the rage now, as it allows the internet user to secure and verify transactions, there are many ways to get them, whether you buy or sell them via Paypal or use pages that help you mine Bitcoin in quick and easy way, getting Bitcoins is easy and simple and you can do it from any country.

      Create a Bitcoin wallet account in Atomic Wallet

      This desktop wallet has the capacity of store Bitcoin without any problem , at the same time, allows us to have many other cryptocurrencies within it.

      In addition, it has a own token , with a referral program to acquire more and has an established currency exchange system.

      Download and install Atomic Wallet

      In order to acquire and create a Bitcoin wallet account in this application, we must first go to its official website and click on the download link.

      Atomic Wallet is compatible with a large number of systems and it works very well on everyone. So it doesn't matter if we use Windows or Linux, we can enjoy it.

      Of course, the ideal is to have a 64-bit version of the architecture, so we give less room for operational errors and more.

      Once we have the installer, we just have to double click or right click on " Run " and wait for it to fully install.

      Create a new wallet and set the password

      When you open the program, a window will appear with a blue background and the application icon, below there will be a button that will say " New wallet " is " Restore from backup ".

      Obviously we will choose the first option, thus proceeding to assign the password. It is important to place one of a certain complexity for greater security.

      When we choose the one we want to determine as the unlock key, we re-enter it in the confirmation field and click on " Set password ".

      Let's not forget to save the "Backup Words"

      Finally, before completing the creation of a Bitcoin wallet account, the program will provide us with the " Words of backup " or recovery words.

      With them, we can recover our account in case we have lost our password or we need to install the App on another device and thus not lose our assets.

      If we have already saved it satisfactorily, we can complete the wallet creation process by clicking on the " NEXT "and then on" Start using Atomic ".

      Create a Coinomi wallet to store your bitcoins

      Coinomi wallet is an application relatively new and continues to adapt improvements to its platform, but from the beginning it has fascinated the cryptocurrency community.

      Download the program to create a wallet account

      The first step, as always, is to find the Coinomi official website from the browser or directly from the link and start downloading the program.

      Like Atomic, this wallet offers us several versions for different operating systems, such as macOS or Windows . We choose the one we need, wait for it to download and proceed with the installation.

      Create a new wallet

      To be able to create a Bitcoin wallet account in Coinomi, we must open the program and press the green button that says " Create new wallet ".

      Keep the “Recovery Phrase”

      Coinomi, like many other wallets desktop or mobile , provides us with some backup words that are used to recover our account, it is important to copy and paste them in a safe place.

      Set a strong password to complete the wallet account creation

      This will take us to the next section, where we must set the unlock password for the application, which will ask us every time we enter.

      As always, we recommend to use a sequence of numbers and letters of some complexity to keep our resources safe from anyone.

      Then, the application will ask us to choose a number of preferred currencies that will be reflected in the balance and thus to accept the terms of service before you can create a Bitcoin wallet account and fully enjoy the application.

      Having a virtual wallet will be very useful to store your cryptocurrencies quickly and easily, but you must remember that you also need to store your money and take care of the Hackers who are now engaging in cryptohacking due to the great impact of virtual money.

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