How to create a clipping mask using text on an image in Corel Photo Paint? - Step by step

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You may have always wanted crop text from an image. OR to get a text with a drawing or to get an image with a cut out text that you can use later for other things. That's why you'll want to learn how to use a clipping mask.

When working on a photo, the mask tool is responsible for cropping an image, this will be very useful to be able to remove what is not, there is also a similar tool called the Crop Lab.

How to Create a Clipping Mask Using Text on an Image in Corel Photo Paint - Step by Step

These masks that Corel Photo Paint can create can do many things, shadows, cutouts and many other interesting options, which they will give a fantastic touch to your editions .

      How to create a clipping mask on an image?

      The first thing you need to do is decide the image with the design you want to cut out and the text you will do this with. You can choose from the fonts provided by the software or just download one you like from the Internet.

      You have to start by placing the image that you will use as background , it is recommended to duplicate it, in this way you avoid damaging the image.

      Create the mask

      You have to create a layer for the text on the background layer, in it, write the words you want to cut out, with the font you want, even if it won't help, choose a color that contrasts with the background .

      Once the text is created, place it in the area of ​​the background you want as the text texture, right click on the text layer and select " Create mask from object ".

      crop the text

      Now having the mask, position yourself on the layer that has the background image. Right click and select " Cut out by mask ", so you will be able to cut the text you created and it will have the texture of the background.

      You just have to hide the background layer and the text layer and you will get your text that will perfectly resemble the font you have chosen, but with the background texture you have provided.

      Remember that this text cannot be edited. So long as it's a clipping of what you've created, not structured text that you can edit.

      The best thing you can do is keep the background image within the project, in case you need to change some words, you just have to repeat the previous procedure and that's it.


      Use a background image with colorful and vibrant designs. That is will make the text eye-catching, you can use this clipping mask option for almost any element you have in Corel Photo Paint.

      You can generate words separately to make sure the phrase you want is seen with a similar design, this gives consistency to the project.

      Remember that you can use background images in solid colors or with textures such as wood or metal, so to make your text interesting and surprising .

      It's important to consider the colors the background will have where you place the cutout. This way you can generate an ideal contrast in which you can easily stand out.


      If you use this idea, you can facilitate the mobilization of the text you create, being able to locate it more easily. Likewise, you can take it or associate it with other layers without the risk that the text can be changed.

      You can create unique texts by giving them cool textures , if you want you can create individual letters and then write the words you want.


      The biggest downside to this text creation system is that you have to Always have the texture you're using handy . This is because any change to a word or part of the text can only be done with the same background.

      Also somewhat annoying is the fact that the clipping mask will always generate a specific cut based on the text and this cannot be changed.

      Corel Photo Paint is now one of the most popular photo and image editors among designers, it has many tools that will make your work much easier, such as effects tool to fix images or blur effect, there is a lot you can find like this Don't miss your chance to try this program.

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