How to create a COLLAGE or PHOTO ALBUM in Word (Example)

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While we always stress the importance of using office tools to get a good job done, the truth is that you need more things. We can accomplish beautiful designs for our personal use or to give to a friend.

Above all, valuable results are obtained, with minimal dedication time. In this article, we will teach you how to create a collage or mosaic of photos in Word .

As the only requirement, it is essential that Microsoft Word is downloaded and installed on your computer. Unfortunately it is a paid program, but we assure you it will be a great investment. You can use it to learn many different things, we will always give you the necessary guides. You can purchase and download Microsoft Word from the official Microsoft Corporation website.

We are now able to start the tutorial. Remember that the best thing is to always practice and do, while reading the instructions. This way you will avoid mistakes and finish yours collage or photo album as soon as possible .

If in the process you come up with something that we haven't mentioned, go ahead and try it yourself, the creativity has no limits ! And less with so many tools at our disposal ...

What is Microsoft Word?

Perhaps this will cause you confusion, well, you should know that Microsoft Word is a word processor and yet, we will use it here for the photos . The truth is that the program has so many features that limiting ourselves to simple text software would be impossible.

Word has many options for working with images , from cropping them to placing borders, frames and more. We will take advantage of these tools to create our collage or photo album in a simple way.

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How to make a collage or photo album in Word?

The process is really basic , much more if you follow this guide. But first we must be clear about what we are aiming for, to leave out any kind of doubt.

What is a collage?

Collage is an artistic technique, which is also called the works that use it. Traditionally these compositions consisted of pasting images onto canvas or paper, but today they can also be made digitally , thanks to IT tools.

Yes the modern collage it is very far from what Picasso and Georges Braque did in their day. You now have a lot more options at your fingertips.

Steps to create a collage or photo album in Word

  • Open Word and arrange the sheets horizontally. This will give you the correct format for a photo album.
  • Start inserting images into your document. You could enter them all at once, but that could make it difficult to work on the sheet. The best thing is that you go to add them little by little , personalizing and ordering them.
  • Selecting an inserted image will open the Format context menu. Here you can establish a frame for your photo and a special way to make it appear on the page (rotated, lying, etc.).
  • In order to conveniently move the images, we will have to click on the image and press the Drawing Options icon, which will appear next to it. We will choose Tight Text Wrap and Fit Position on Page. Now you can place them wherever you want.
  • In the Design tab (at the top of the screen), you will have the option (right) to set a Page Color and a Page Border. Do it if you think it is convenient.
  • You can enter your own text or a WordArt to briefly describe the topic some photos.
  • Do not put too many images per page , when it's finished, move on to the next one.
  • Make the most of your creativity, achieve harmony of colors and shapes.
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