How to Create a Custom Calendar in Word - Easy Guide

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How to create or insert a CALENDAR in Word - it's that easy

How do I create a calendar in Word?

While it's hard at first to think of a calendar design of our own to our liking, Word always makes our life easier by giving us an extensive list of calendar templates which in addition to being very creative are also very useful, for this reason, we will teach you this and any other idea that will help you in the design of your calendar.

As we may have already read, i templates that Word offers us when creating our calendar they make things easier for us, so below we will leave you a series of steps to follow to get a good result.

  • Search for New option .
  • So we will locate the search bar , is located at the bottom of (New).
  • Start looking (calendar) and click the magnifying glass icon on the right side of this bar.
  • Finally, a list of models will appear, select the one you like best and enjoy the results.

Pass a calendar we made in Word online it's quite simple, all we need to do is:

  • Save the created file to the online site .
  • Subsequently go to Word .
  • Finally we need to add the calendar we created in Word online .


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