How to create a digital signature on PC and mobile devices - Fast and simple

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At present, several innovations have emerged in many generalized topics, but in this case, yes deals with digital or digitized signatures , which have undoubtedly been a great technological advance that has enabled users and developers of large companies to gain greater comfort and security in ensuring the integrity of more digital documents in society.

This generates a greater benefit for all, as previously it was only possible in documents presented on paper, which facilitates digital signature, having Than we the same legal equivalence, but in a more sophisticated and innovative way.

Its mechanism is based on the application or about using cryptographic methods to a document , so that its authentication is valid at any time we want to present it in front of any service of any kind that we use.

How does the digital signature work?

Within this process there are three types of features that are part of the digital signature system itself, which are algorithms in themselves: first, the 'signature' which is the main thing to consider, generally yes they use not very complex signatures and with keys.

Secondly, we have 'verification', which obviously its objective is based on verifying the authenticity of the message or document we are providing, in front of any public or, failing that, private body. And also the keys that go hand in hand or are related to a mathematical area, providing public keys as well as private.

It should be noted that these digital signatures focus on authentic evidence and thus prevent misunderstandings from occurring, such as companies or people denying that they have signed certain documents, with this type of signature not taking place, since at the time of the presentation of the message or document, they go through the previous processes to be clarified.

How to create a digital signature in Word?

You can't create digital signatures in Word, but there are some tricks to add them easily to your Word documents. It is enough to have the image in a transparent format and add it to the document.

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Draw the signature using the mouse

One option is to create the signature using the mouse, definitely not recommended, but we can create it with programs such as Paint 3D which allows images without a background. There, just use the brush and make your signature. Either way, be sure to save it in PNG format so that it retains transparency.

Take a picture of a signature and upload it to Word

Without a doubt the most recommended method on PC. Because of this, just write yours sign your one White sheet and take a sharp photo. So, use programs like Photoshop or similar to remove the background and that way you will get a quality digital signature that you can use in Word.

Steps to create a digital signature in Excel

The process for creating a digital signature in Excel is the same as in Word. That is, you have the option to use a photograph and edit it or create the signature directly in drawing programs such as Paint 3d. Again, we recommend that you write it by hand. Once you have the image, you can add it to Excel.

How can I create a digital signature in PDF?

Some companies may require that the signature be in PDF. If you want to have your digital signature in PDF format, you can use any digital converter online which transforms images into this type of file. Some valid options are Convertio, Smallpdf, or Online-Convert.

Ways to digitally sign Google Docs

At the top you will find 'Insert', this time you have to click on 'Drawing' and select 'Freehand'. Simply write your signature, make your changes and select "Save and Close" to finish. The signature will appear on the document, take it to the place you want and configure the size according to your needs.

How to create my digital signature online? What are the best programs for doing this?

It is important to know the method for creating digital signatures, and it is very simple, we can also create them in PDF, but among the best programs to create it we have Docsketch, its use is very simple.

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We just have to enter its main page, in the search engine, Google Chrome in its latest version or any other, and the best thing is that its use is totally free, once inside, we will find the option to 'create digital signature' , we press there.

Next, two options will be moved, the first one: 'write signature', and we have to add signature name that we want by typing it with our keyboard in a pop-up window that will appear, then we can choose between different and more characters, equally form we can customize it with colors and others.

The second option is "draw a signature", in this section it gives us the tool to use a touch panel to be able to draw our signature, from a mobile or a tablet, so that we can identify the character of the letter in the image and install the fonts on our Windows pc, we can too customize it for free.

We also have the free online program "Smallpdf" , to create a signature, we just have to enter the main page and click on "create signature", we create it as we want, it gives us the options of typefaces, colors and sizes, it also provides some ideas that can help us to create the ours, and voila! Let's click "Finish" and we'll have our signature done.

Smallpdf: How to make digital signatures with the program?

Without a doubt, Smallpdf presents one of the best options. First, you need to go to the Smallpdf Digital Signatures option, after logging in, you need to select the document where you want to add a digital signature.

After the above, select the space where you want to add your signature and then freehand icon . There, write the signature with your hand and then click "Create a signature". Select the signature created, put it in the appropriate place and once finished, click on 'Finish and signature'.

Other alternatives to sign documents in Word quickly and easily

All of the methods shown above are equally good for creating digital signatures, but if you're still not convinced, there are other options. For example, there are online electives such as o signNow , in turn, the XolidoSign desktop app is functional if you have a PC. In any case, Smallpdf's signature option has nothing to envy to other more complex tools.

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Is it possible to draw a digital signature on the mobile?

Yes you can create digital signatures from your mobile , in fact, it is one of the most recommended ways, as you have more control to write your signature. In turn, there are applications for both Android and iOS.

App to make free signatures

There are many applications for create digital signatures on mobile phones , anyway, we will tell you some of the best so that you look for us more.

  • SignEasy: It is available for PC and for Android and iOS mobile phones, however its free functions are limited.
  • JetSign: one of the best applications for making digital signatures, in turn, is available for both Android and iOS.
  • Adobe Fill & Sign: for iPhone and Android, the Adobe application is listed as one of the best.
  • Sign Doc: If you are looking for something simpler, this App could be for you, even if for now it is only available for Android.

Why should i implement digital signature?

The reasons are manifold, as it provides us with great benefits such as facilitating our business processes and in this way we can generally prevent forgery signatures, which often occurs in important documents or messages.

Even after the verification process if the signature is fake it will give an alarm signal and then we will know that it is not valid, it provides us with totally authentic documents and from good sources that have been studied previously, this method is widely used due to its large development and reliability, so if you haven't tried it, you should try sign in a safer way.

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