How to create a folder in Gmail to automatically save emails

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One of the applications that caused a sensation among Internet users was the email application created by the company Google being one of the best services of this company that offers all its users ease of use, intuitive tools and great advantages over the competition .

One of the best organization tools that Gmail offers is folder creation, where you can create different folders to organize your emails in an optimal and personalized way.

With this you can give your email a much more personal touch, not only from the web version, but also from the application mobile devices .

In this post we will teach you the correct way in which you can create various folders within gmail, so that you can automatically save some emails, with which you can feel much more organized and comfortable with this system. Furthermore, this also allows you to receive emails in a specific folder.

Start with creating your folders

To get started with creating and editing folders, you just need to follow a few steps which are as follows:

  1. Start by entering your Gmail, from your PC, as you would in the usual way
  2. After that, proceed to enter your directory and once inside, proceed to locate yourself in the left section of the tray and proceed with scrolling down
  3. You can see that there is a button with the word " other ", you have to press it
  • Once pressed, you will see that a directory will be extended into which a button with the name " New label "is at the last.
  • Press it and you will see that a sidebar will be created, which is actually a new folder
  • Once opened, you just have to name it and everything will be ready to start using it.
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    Step by step, to delete a folder

    Once you have created these folders and you feel the master total of the world, it is also possible that you have created one by mistake, and that for this reason you are looking for the way in which you can completely eliminate it.

    To be able to carry out this operation, all you have to do is go to the folder and then proceed to press the icon with three points in a vertical position, which you will see in the right section, in order to enter a section of the appropriate menu.

    You will see that there, a menu will begin to appear, in which we need to locate the option or button " Delete label Once pressed, the label will be permanently and successfully deleted, so it will no longer be a problem in your email.

    Likewise, within this menu, you will see a small option that says "sub-tag" in which we will be allowed to add new folders, right in the tag section we created. By doing this, you will promote that the order within your email and everything you receive is much larger than what you want.

    These are instruments special, designed to have all those emails, media and more, much more organized and with better access.

    Create a special filter so you can sort all your emails.

    Once you've created the folders you want, it's time to create a filter, which will help you determine how many emails and which ones will go to each folder. To do this, you just have to go to the " Create a filter ", which is located in the upper section of your inbox.

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    Once there, you have to log in, only to a new page, where you can determine which emails you want to host and which folders are in question. For this operation it will be sufficient to define various keywords in this way or users , all those emails you receive that meet these specifications will go to the very folders you created.

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