How to create a Google account without a Gmail email and phone number

Google has many very important services. Therefore we need that you have a Google account whether or not we have a Gmail email or phone number. It's a great entertainment option for many of the people who use their services.

How to create a Google account without a Gmail email and phone number

Some of the services offered by Google are YouTube and Blogger, among many others. The ability to create your own Google account allows you to turn automatic synchronization on and off and use each of the existing applications and those that are continuously created. The reason is because account storage goes in one place and apps can be saved in the settings area.

Google's communication channel can be called one of the best of all time. One of the advantages is that it is very accessible and free for anyone who wants to use its services. And most apps and other programs have to generate direct access to the Gmail platform.

Another of the great advantages for the users is the great possibility to open two or more Gmail accounts at the same time on the Android mobile. Although they have different usernames, with this the platform management diversity becomes more attractive and adaptable to all the needs you want to cover depending on the function you create them for.

      Steps to create your Google account without a Gmail email

      Many people today and have long had the idea that to create your Google account you need to have a Gmail email, but thanks to technological advances it is not entirely necessary. You have the option to do this step and the first thing you should do is select your preferred search engine.

      One of the recommended ones is called Google Chrome, although there are many others such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

      Then you must position yourself in the navigation bar of said search engine and enter the web address, a pop-up window will appear immediately.

      In this pop-up window you will see a form that you need to proceed to fill out. You must be very clear and precise with the data to be entered for create your Google account.

      Inside them are your first and last name and, of course, your username to be used for said Google account, although if you want later you can change your Gmail or Google account username without changing your email. You should also enter a password that is easy to remember.

      This password must be present or you will not be able to access your Google account. It must be alphanumeric and you must receive a confirmation code to a phone number, and you can enter an email even if it's not Gmail. Remember to complete the Captcha to verify you are not a robot.

      Steps to create your Google account without a phone number

      The idea of ​​the platform is to maintain its versatility, so you shouldn't have to worry about doing this procedure and enjoy the services provided by your Google account.

      One of the great advantages is the communication part that the Google platform offers you through Gmail. In the same way you must select the search engine you prefer, and when creating your account you must fill in the form that the system will provide you. Remember that you must clearly and precisely fill in all the requested information.

      Remember to create an easy-to-remember alphanumeric password so you can access your account as it is essential.

      After filling out the form, you need to press the next option. Another form should appear with the mandatory data to be entered in which you need to enter a backup email.

      And within said form it gives you the option where it is not necessary to have a phone number, immediately the Google's system redirects you directly to your Gmail inbox. And you just have to follow the steps given by the system so that you can use your Google account for free without any inconvenience.

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