How to create a group of contacts in my Gmail

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Many users have the Gmail platform as a preference of e-mail . It is owned by Google and provides instant electronic messaging services. Currently, many people need to have a Gmail account and know how to manage it, so creating it is the first step.

There are many tricks that can be achieved with Gmail, from previewing the emails that arrive without opening them, reviewing the contact list saved in Gmail, as well as creating contact lists to send emails together.

With all these details and more, Gmail has managed to be the leading platform among all email platforms. Hence the great importance of having an account and knowing how to use it correctly, having such a high demand. Now, this article will show you how create a contact group in Gmail so that the user feels more comfortable using the platform.

An email group, what exactly is it?

Gmail email groups are a set of accounts grouped on this platform, to which a user can send the same information in bulk. Therefore, if a Gmail contact group has the same label, when the owner sends an email, they will receive all the information sent, the same message.

These Gmail groups simplify the application's usefulness. In this sense, the user saves from having to write people's names one by one and send the mail to multiple recipients at once , with just one click. This fact makes everything easier. Gmail has gotten these kinds of updates that change the platform for the better over time.

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Steps you can take to create a contact group in Gmail

Creating a contact group in Gmail isn't complicated at all, you just need to carefully follow a series of steps without skipping them. In this way it will be possible to have this group successfully and the user who will need it can make use of it.

Step 1

The most important thing is to enter the Gmail account. So the user has to click on the dial option that you located at the bottom left. This will open a mail tab indicating that the user can now compose their own message.

Step 2

There is a section called "a" , and in this section the user can enter all the email addresses they want to use for the contact group. In this way, it is necessary to insert a comma between one address and another.

Step 3

Finally, at the end you can write the email you want to send and do click the submit button in so that it is sent to the whole group.

Tag groups in Gmail

Using contact labels designed in Gmail, it is possible create contact groups even in the mail. It will mostly serve the frequent groups you should send regular mail to. Such as, for example, work groups or school groups.

To obtain these labels, the user must have access to Google contacts found on the website. After you are there, you will be able to select the number of contacts you want to tag. Followed by that, you just need to click where it says manage labels, which is at the top of the screen. It looks like a release sticker.

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The next thing the user needs to do is go to the labels they want to select and add to their contacts. Click on the section that says apply . After all this procedure the user can re-enter the Gmail account. There you will see in the composition section, under the section "a" , and you will look for the name of the tag you created earlier.

The label will appear suggested in the message that will be composed. It can be selected and then the user can finish writing the e-mail he needs send to your contact group in Gmail . With this series of easy to follow steps, any user can easily create contact groups to easily send emails together.

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