How to create a landing page in WordPress totally free and easy

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For your business to be successful in the digital age, you need to have a website that allows you to attract customers . It doesn't matter if you sell online or not, the goal is to get consistent sales through an optimized page like a landing page. In WordPress you can create a very easy and free landing page.

With a website, customers can learn about your business and it doesn't matter where in the world it is. Landing pages stand out because they are very effective in generate the highest conversion in sales a unlike a conventional page.

    What is a landing page?

    Landing page or landing page is a page within a website optimized to suit a particular goal . Whether it's making a sale or finding new subscribers.

    These types of pages are effective because they are designed effectively to accomplish a goal. All the elements that compose it are focused on achieving this goal , without distractions. The most common uses for a landing page are:

    • Get more sales of a product
    • To give a greater diffusion of the services
    • Capture more potential customers
    • Get more subscribers to your newsletter, to build customer loyalty

    How will I create a landing page in your WordPress?

    When you are an advanced user who has programming skills, you can create your landing page through code. But if that's not your case, that's better use WordPress plugins which are free and which automate the process to make your life easier.

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    Choose a model

    The GeneratePress template is suitable for creating a landing page because it is very customizable. You can create full-width pages and remove elements that could distract users like the footer and header.

    Download Elementor

    It is a plugin that you can find in the WordPress Marketplace or on its official page. It's a free visual editor with which you can create a landing page without knowing anything about programming. It is characterized by having predefined elements that you just have to drag and drop onto the page.

    Each element is customizable to a certain extent. It also has predefined elements which are made to create a professional looking web page. As well as being compatible with other plugins that will add an extra to your page.

    There are other visual editors in WordPress that you can use such as Thrive Architect which is geared towards creating sales pages. But Elementor is one of the best options available today.

    With Elementor you can create websites with responsive design. That is, it does not matter from which device the user accesses your page, as it will adapt to the screen size.

    Eliminate unnecessary items

    For a landing to be functional, it must eliminate any element that distracts the user from achieving the goal. A landing place it must not have links that redirect it to another page , then the navigation menu must be deleted.

    In the same way, you need to remove the footer and header . That's when the GeneratePress template comes in handy, because you can remove unwanted elements on the page with just one click.

    How to create a professional landing page

    Create an attractive title

    Explain in a nutshell what are the benefits the customer will have when they buy your product or service. At the same time you have to generate curiosity in the customer so that they stay on the page and keep reading.

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    Add quality multimedia content

    Let the customer see what you have to offer. Show attractive, good quality images in how much they talk about your personal brand image. The image should explain by itself what your product or service is about.

    You called to action

    Make it clear to the user who buys your product. The idea of ​​the landing page is to guide the user to take the final action, but we must be clear. Therefore add eye-catching buttons that will generate interest .

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