How to create a mosaic or photo collage in Word? - Step by step

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Working in Word is very convenient for anyone who needs to create a digital document. Most are already familiar with the tools this program provides, but what they don't know is that it can be used for other purposes. With that in mind, today you will see how to make a mosaic or photo collage in Word.

And it is that, for those who do not know, Word allows and insertion o place multiple images in a document , being able to edit them with a single click (the editing options are limited, but they work, since you can even put one image on top of another in transparent Word without being noticed). So, if you want to create a collage, this program could actually be very useful for you.

    What is a collage?

    First of all, you need to know that for your best understanding, the explanation will be divided into several parts or steps (it's not even that difficult), so you shouldn't worry about being overwhelmed with information.

    Also, in order to start create a mosaic or photo collage in Word , first you need to be clear that this is it. (A little context is always good). The collage is a technique that consists in gluing several images on a surface or on a canvas, these can be superimposed on each other and usually deal with a common theme.

    Its name derives from the French Coller, which means to glue, most of the painters artists use this technique, but it can also be seen reflected in other areas, such as cinema, music, among others.

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    A collage doesn't have to contain only photos or portraits, it can also contain newspaper or paper clippings that allude to a theme and even everyday objects. This expressive technique is one of the most widespread in the world, being also taught in primary schools.

    How to create a photo mosaic or collage in Word?

    Now that you have learned the above you can proceed to create a mosaic or photo collage in Word, remember this method it's very simple , because this program is not quite a conventional photo editor.

    First step

    This step is optional, as each has their own style, but still needs to be placed. The first thing you need to do is place the sheet in a horizontal position (if you wish), because this way the collage will be easier to do. For this you just have to change the orientation of the sheet in the section "Layout in the pagina".

    Second step

    After the above, it's time to start placing the images in your document, for this you just need to click on the " Inserisci "and then press the button" Images "(it is recommended to enter and modify one by one).

    Third and fourth step

    These steps go together, because they are both modifying. Once you have placed the desired image, click on it to display the " Format ", in that menu you can add frames to images and also rotate them.

    Next, you have to click on the image again with the right mouse button, so that appear the option "Design options" , inside you have to change the setting to " Narrow "and press "Adjust position on page This will allow you to freely move the image within the document.

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    Final step

    To finish with learning how to make a collage or photo album in Word, you need to proceed with adding WordArt text to describe the images (if you wish) and also change the color of the page and the borders of the same in the " options Page color " e "Page border ", which can be found in the tab" Planning ".

    When finished, save the document and that's it. By that you can already say that you know how to make a mosaic or photo collage in Word, you just need to go to your program and start the magic.

    Remember that if you are not satisfied you can always look for other programs to help you, because merging multiple photos into a single collage-style image is very simple, especially if you have Phostoshop (which you can download from its main page) or Core.

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