How to create a personal agenda with the Daylio app on your mobile phone without having to write

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The following article will show you the big one utility of the Daylio application, since, thanks to this system for mobile phones, the applications for counting steps and Aqualert, you will be able to organize yourself, take care of your health and create a personal diary every day that will help you in your daily life.

We will tell you the functionality and importance of Daylio , so that you can keep in mind its scope and benefits so that you can fully handle this application.

How to create a personal agenda with the Daylio app on your mobile phone without having to write

Thanks to its function, this application is capable of have a much more attentive connection with you as it analyzes patterns of mood changes in order to get better results with the person using it.

      What is Daylio?

      It is a system that has been talked about in recent times above all for its particularity, since it is of a diary in which you won't have to write a single word to use this application, as it works in the study of the patterns of the mood of the person is also helped with various emoticons with emotions to have a more complete system.

      In this way, that application is a micro-diary with which we can keep a complete record of our state of mind, not only that, but we can also keep track of the activities we have done during the day.

      How to create a diary in Daylio without having to write?

      It was designed for devices that have an android system and it works as follows:

      It allows us to clearly record our mood every day of its use, without having to write even a small word, since, to perform this function, the application relies on a high range of emoticons with which it will help you to have a complete diary.

      That's why that daylio is a fast application where people who don't have enough time can record their daily activity without the need to waste much time in the process.

      Thanks to its minimalist touch and its simple functionality, have been the key for this App to stay in the market as people are attracted by its large number of emoticons and its fast and accurate activity, all thanks mainly to the icons that will allow you to control your day in clear way.

      Daylio can review your days from moods.

      Its good performance depends in part on the number of times it is used, ie the more you use it, the more accurate it can be , since with a consolidated record, our habits can be supervised, thanks to the good statistics you have with this app.

      These statistics are based on a well-explained and detailed graph where different options will be observed where you can see your progress likewise it has a calendar where you can see your activities and their mood.

      At the same time, it also has a activity differentiator , since, if you carry out an unregistered activity, the application gives you the possibility of being able to synchronize it, thanks to the large number of icons that said system has, This is done with a clear speed and will not take much time.

      With its use you will have control of your activities likes and dislikes, thanks to this process you will be able to keep your personal diary as you prefer, you will also have the possibility to update it by adding new activities with which you feel safe or secure and the system will update and show you your statistics.It is a good application to have a systematization in your life.

      It is worth mentioning that there are much more complete applications than daylio, where you can have a personal blog to record your activities, but it is worth mentioning that due to its simplicity of use and minimalism thanks to its different icons and which allows you there ability to record quickly your activities However, it is a good option to have your personal diary adapted to your moods.


      Daylio is a private diary and for exclusive use only, which means that your usage statistics will not be sent to any server and anyone outside your diary will be able to see your daily updates because it has a protection system well established.

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