How to create a quick and easy creative mind map in PowerPoint

Sometimes we want to have a presentation or exhibition that is creative and innovative. For that, we have the solution with this article on how to create a simple and creative mind map in PowerPoint. The first thing we will need is to download and install PowerPoint to achieve our goal.

How to create a creative CONCEPTUAL MAP in Power Point step by step

This program is mainly used for; exhibits, presentation of company-level topics, diagrams, mind and concept map. They are also added; background images, videos and sounds. And later I will show you how to design a mind map in creative PowerPoint quickly and easily.

PowerPoint is a Microsoft Office program. It is used to create presentations with various design themes. It relies on various options to work with, with the aim of making it fun and creative for the user. It is designed for Windows, macOS, Android and IOS.

Some of your options are; insertion, layout, transactions, presentation, display and review. These are the options that PowerPoint has for its users who have the Microsoft Office package, in the same way we can create a concept map with Microsoft Word, for users who are more familiar with this program. This program comes with several years updates the most used are; 2010, 2013 and 2016.

How to make a mind map in PowerPoint, easy and creative

You need to keep in mind that a concept map is governed by how long its title is developed ; followed by its synthetic content to guide the exponent and thus not lose the thread of the exhibition or project.

In order to make a concept map, all you need is creativity; it is necessary to have the idea, the theme and then continue to develop the project. See the steps below to develop it in PowerPoint.

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  • Go to PowerPoint and select a blank presentation.
  • At the top you will see a toolbar, among these options we put "insert" and click on it.
  • Being located in the insert, select the shapes option and a box with many shapes will open.
  • Once you have our picture table, click on one of them.
  • With the pointer you will press the left mouse button, moving the mouse will insert the appropriate size. Put our figure on the slide that will be selected and you will bring it to the top.
  • So that this form becomes the title to follow on our concept map.
  • So let's go back to the tools menu and click on the text box option, and you will take it in the center of the figure and you will be able to write your title to develop.
  • To configure our text you will go to the toolbar and click on the start option and so you can change.
  • After that we will repeat a few steps to select the following shapes that will complete our concept map.
  • Again we will select 2 other figures and place one on each side, the first will be on the right side of the slide and the second on the left side. And so be our subtitle for develop with your summary content.
  • Once the figures are in place, the slide design will begin.
  • You will find yourself in the toolbar and select the design option and you can choose any of these to your liking or preference

In PowerPoint it is easy to create a concept map, only what is needed is an idea and imagination to be able to develop our presentation and with these steps you will be able to make it happen. Also, if you are a creative person who likes to innovate, you can try inserting audio or music to accompany your mind map.

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It is different from the mind map

A mind map is defined because it is developed in titles with keywords for the exponent . This comprised of; ideas, drawings and schemes. They are located in a clockwise direction and therefore the person will be able to guide themselves much better.

Since a mind map can consist of diagrams, it's important also for a professional presentation. It is carried out both at school and in the company or company to present ideas and projects.

The concept map as well as the mind map can be used both at school and in the company. Although it is made up of; the main title, followed by a subtitle with a mini content to guide the exponent.

A concept map as well as having a mini content , has; keywords, ideas and graphics. It is mainly used by students to make their presentation easier. Similarly, an alternative to a concept map or mind map is to create a diptych, triptych, brochure, or flyer as PowerPoint allows.

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